Love is full of signs

Hi, my name is Dennis and my user name is Heart4Him. I would just like to say, thank-you, for allowing God to use you and the site in helping bring myself and Morethanmanysparrows together.

We both have been praying and asking God to provide us a mate for eternity. I have used Adventist sites in the past, with no success, and
had given up on "internet dating." In July '04, God used a message by my Pastor at the Tampa First SDA Church. He spoke about how he met a special friend using an Adventist internet site, his story re-sparked my interest. The next day I put my profile in at your site ( and told God that if He had someone special for me to meet this way, He was going to have to make it happen
and that I was ready to start a relationship, otherwise, I wasn't ever going to try "internet dating" again. Only days after I signed up Pam
(Morethanmanysparrows) and I connected. It was the first day she signed on! We have been, and will continue to be, allowing God to guide us every step of the way.

I can truly say I have found the woman of my dreams. I had a dream about a tall blonde woman, about a year ago, and there was something about
Tennessee in the dream too. I told my 16 yr. old son that I was going to be married and God had shown her to me. Imagine my surprise when I first
contacted Morethanmanysparrows after she had sent me a smile, it all came back to me when I realized she was from TN.
God is truly awesome!! We met for the first time Sept. 2, '04. Before she came to Florida, we prayed and asked God to show us if this was His will or not. We asked Him to give us a sign of His favor by allowing the sun to shine wherever we went on our outdoor activities during her stay. (I have to add that Hurricane Francis was due to hit Florida that long week-end.) We had the most wonderful time together with enough beautiful sunshine to convince us that God was shining His blessings down on us (especially when the force of winds were changed from a Category 4 to a mere tropical storm).
We plan to be married in Jan.'05. Thank-you so much for the blessings you have brought us both.

I want you and your team at AdventistSinglesconnection to know that Heart4Him and I found each other the very first night I was checking out how ASC worked. I accidently sent him a smile while he was online thinking that he had already viewed my profile (got a little confused that first night not knowing all the right things to click on). He then saw that I was online and decided to ask me if I would chat with him. I nervously decided I would and we have been in love ever since. He arranged to have me visit him in Florida, paying for the flight and hotel. It was during a hurricane, Labor Day week-end, but the Lord answered our prayers and gave us plenty of sunshine (turning the 4 rated hurricane into a tropical storm). God has shined down on us with His favor! We plan to get married in January. Thanks again for a wonderful job you all are doing.

heart4him & Morethanmanysparrows

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