Success Stories: 2005

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I thank God for my new found relationship

We became friends back in May 2005. Despite his interest in me, I was very reluctant to go forward because of two things: his age, and his location. Indeed, he lives in Jamaica and I, in Florida. I didn't think it was worth going through. In addition to that, the fact that he was a bit younger than me pretty much held me back from wanting to go further. Even after I told him about those two reasons, he graciously kept in touch with me and eventually became a good friend. A few weeks ago, as we were chatting, the conversation took an unexpected turn to where he was making it clear that he was still very much interested. I don't know what happened between May and November, but I decided to give it a chance. We became official at the end of November after we both prayed about it. I never thought I would look beyond some of the "requirements" I had always been so stern about. But, I guess there's no match for the Holy Spirit at work. I thank God for my new found relationship with my sweetheart and pray that many more will find God's love gift to them on this website. God bless all of you!


Met in the chat room and hit it off right away

"CharmingArtist" and I met in the chat room and hit it off right away. We talked for hours every day and wanted to meet. After much prayer and discussion, he decided to move out to AZ. We already knew by this time that we were destined to marry and felt like this was the Lord's leading. Praise to the Lord for introducing us, as we eloped on October 14th, 2005! Thanks ASC for allowing us to meet!

winterpromise31 & CharmingArtist

I found what I have prayed for.

I found what I have prayed for. Last summer I saw a man on ASC who I actually knew about 12+ years ago. We attended the same church back then, and were acquaintances. I was attending the academy there and he was away at college. When I saw him on ASC, I sent a mingle mail to say hi. We exchanged a few emails over the summer. One day we happened to be online at the same time so we chatted. This turned into hours of chatting online. Then we went to phone calls. He still lives in the town where we attended church so many years ago. I had moved away. We met each other again this past October and now I have moved back. We are so in love and thank God that He put us together. We both have said that we are what we each have prayed for. Coincidently our screen names are SCgirl and SCguy. Thank you ASC for reuniting old friends who are now in love.

SCgirl & SCguy

I feel very fortunate and blessed

Hi Christie,

I feel very fortunate and blessed because my experience on this site has always been one where respect and decorum was the norm, beyond that I really didn't expect that much. It was early into my induction to this site that I did make friends. I had started chemotherapy at that time so romantic thoughts were far from my head. I just needed friends to connect with and feel better.

It was that latter part of last year and the first part of this year that I started writing to "Natofborg" because she had alot of issues about Christianity and the Church. As an Adventist from birth, I was interested in what she wanted to say. We wrote and she would explain her views to me and I would respond with the best intelligent information I had or could get. This went on for about three months. I tried setting her up with a friend of mine, he never contacted her so I continued in his stead and then we became friends.

Emails turned into phone calls, and she bought the same cell phone provider that I had so our calls could be cheap. We talked for another five months and she indicated that she was coming to California to see her Grandparents. I, of course, offered to pick her up at the airport and get her to her destination safely, which I did.

She was in California appox. 10 days and I saw her 2 of the ten days. I also saw her back to her plane. This was in August of this year, I told her that I wanted to know Florida and she said the best time for me to go and see her was over Labor Day Weekend. I was there in Tampa, FL for three very nice days and it was harder to leave that time. She then told me that her Grandfather was gravely ill and that she was planning a final trip to California the first week of October. I helped with the flight, and pledged that she would not get away this time. She arrived on a Tuesday. I proposed marriage to her that first weekend and she accepted. I looked into the job market in Florida and saw some good opportunities I could check out. I moved to Tampa the same day she returned to Florida.

We have set a Wedding Date of December 9th to be married on the beaches in the State of Florida.

It takes time, patience, intelligence, honesty and an open mind to what God has in store for our lives daily. Sometimes God allows trials and trebulation, but He also bestows blessings such as "Natofborg" in my life, that I hope to cherish until God allows that death do us apart.

May God bless you and this ministry,
Skysailor & Natofborg

Skysailor & Natofborg

We finally met face to face

"JBMPITBULL" and myself met here on the Adventist Singles website. After several (9) months of conversing via phone, letters, instant messaging, etc. we finally met face to face. This was a big deal because I traveled to the United States (for the very first time) from Mexico City, Mexico. We are now very happily married and with God's help and by His will, we will be that way until He returns which we believe will be very soon. And for those who are still feeling all alone, don't give up! I know that the internet can be decieving but pray for God's guidance and take it slow and get wise counsel from trusted friends and family. Trust in the Lord and you will find just what you need, He does it every time I promise!!!! God blesses each and every one of you and if I don't see you here I will see you in Heaven.


Thank you ASC!

Thank you ASC! I have met the man of my dreams - he is all that I ever hoped for and more! We live thousands of miles apart, however, we realize that the Lord brought us together and He can accomplish anything. We know that with His continued blessings, our relationship will continue to grow through Him. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to meet.


Our wedding date was 4 September 2005.

This is the story of "Supak" and "Marklee". We met 21st July 2004 online here at Adventist Singles Connection. We both first were looking for people in our sorounding area. But, then we decided to venture out all the way. I, "Supak" send "Marklee" a smile and he responded back and it has been a go
since then. He came to Florida to meet me for the first time and had a chance to meet my mother. And in turn, I went to meet his folks in January 2005
New Years day in Bismarck, ND. He purposed to me 22 January 2005. Our wedding date was 4 September 2005. See attachment of the wedding. We just wanted to share our story.

supak & Marklee

We are getting married on Jan. 28th, God willing.

Well, he wrote to me and I answered back. He called me on the phone and we have been together for almost a year since I met him. We are getting married on Jan. 28th, God willing. I am very happy. He is cute and kind and most of all, he loves the Lord and he has made changes in our lives. God does answer prayers. Thanks to Adventist Singles, if it was not for you, I would have never met him and of course Lindy--she got him to go and register because he was not sure. And, guess what, I caught his eye. He loves me and I love him. Thanks!


We met on Adventist Singles

We met on Adventist Singles Connection. Even though "gypsyrn" was skeptical in the beginning, we were soon corresponding regularly: first by email and ecards and later by phone. After several weeks, we agreed to meet in person. "Jascl" flew from St. Louis, MO to Burlington, VT. We met at the airport and went out to eat and had a wonderful evening together. We both felt very comfortable and safe with each other right from the start.

We continued to talk and email. After a few weeks, we met again. It was at that time that we discussed marriage and became engaged. Our wedding date is set for December 18, 2005. We plan to honeymoon in Italy. We are both very happy and anticipate a marriage full of travel combined with missionary service. We also expect to spend as much time as possible spoiling our grandchildren.

We would like to thank Adventist Singles Connection for providing us with a vehicle to meet and get to know each other. It is hard to see how we would have ever met without your help.

Gratefully yours,
"Gypsyrn" and "Jascl"

"gypsyrn" and "jascl"

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