Despite distance and unusual circumstances!

Hi Christie,

I "met" my sweetheart on ASC last year when I sent him a smile after noticing his "harmless" appearance via a gentle, friendly smile. He called me just a week later and we started talking on the phone nightly. Despite the distance (1300 miles!), we started dating and then agreed to meet. We first met over Christmas break and I was SO nervous as we were talking for the first time over pizza. But, despite being nervous too, he did everything possible to put me at ease. And after a short while we were both hooked.

We got engaged New Years Eve and were married on March 17th. We are still in awe at this amazing blessing and our wedding was simply "magical". Being the type of people we are, our marriage was elegant but small, relaxed and fun. We talk daily and have spent the better part of our school breaks together and are both going to be attending Andrews University in the fall for our respective graduate schools; I will be entering the Doctor of Physical Therapy program and he will begin working on his Master's of Divinity. He is the best thing that's happened to me and I love him with all my heart! I thank the Lord for bringing us together despite distance and some unusual circumstances!


grad4law & brevardgrl

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