I found what I have prayed for.

I found what I have prayed for. Last summer I saw a man on ASC who I actually knew about 12+ years ago. We attended the same church back then, and were acquaintances. I was attending the academy there and he was away at college. When I saw him on ASC, I sent a mingle mail to say hi. We exchanged a few emails over the summer. One day we happened to be online at the same time so we chatted. This turned into hours of chatting online. Then we went to phone calls. He still lives in the town where we attended church so many years ago. I had moved away. We met each other again this past October and now I have moved back. We are so in love and thank God that He put us together. We both have said that we are what we each have prayed for. Coincidently our screen names are SCgirl and SCguy. Thank you ASC for reuniting old friends who are now in love.

SCgirl & SCguy

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