My fiancee` Melt01 and myself Briand would just like to share others of how we have been blessed. Both of us have traveled many roads to get were we are today. But we believe it was a journey ploted by God himself. At times in life it seems as if God isn't listening, but He is. He is watching and waiting for us. Please, everyone don't ever give up hope on finding that someone special. God has a plan for each and everyone of us but we need to remember that God does things in His time and not ours.

I had joined ASC with the intend of finding my wife, but in reality I didn't belive that the internet was the place nor was it the time. But I had to try and search all my options. It happens when you least excpect it.

Nancy and I believe, with both our hearts, that the Holy Spirt guided us together at this time. She is an answered prayer for me every since I was a young man. We want to thank everyone that has prayed for us and ask them to contioue to pray for us. We're thankful for the friendships we have made along the way and appologize to anyone we my have hurt inovertantly along the way by our words. But it is time to put ASC and friends behind us and focus soley on each other and our new lives and children. We will pray for thoughts of our friends and for all of you that we haven't had the privilage to meet. Thank you to Christie for providing the site. Good luck everyone!


Her story:
THANK YOU ASC. This site really works. I have found love. He's everything my heart desires. His profile was a 100% matched the first time I learned about him. Since then I have realized that it's only GOD can do such thing; leading me to the right man in my life. We have been deeply in love and moving forward to the next step in our relationship. My fiancee and I would like to thank all of our ASC friends for the support and prayers. Let GOD lead you in finding your soulmate and friendships. GOD Bless.

melt01 & briand

Melt01 & Briand

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