We finally met face to face

"JBMPITBULL" and myself met here on the Adventist Singles website. After several (9) months of conversing via phone, letters, instant messaging, etc. we finally met face to face. This was a big deal because I traveled to the United States (for the very first time) from Mexico City, Mexico. We are now very happily married and with God's help and by His will, we will be that way until He returns which we believe will be very soon. And for those who are still feeling all alone, don't give up! I know that the internet can be decieving but pray for God's guidance and take it slow and get wise counsel from trusted friends and family. Trust in the Lord and you will find just what you need, He does it every time I promise!!!! God blesses each and every one of you and if I don't see you here I will see you in Heaven.


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