Success Stories: 2006

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Answered Prayer

Answered Prayer

An answered prayer she is to me,
My greatest blessing he will be,
And today we pledge our love
Infront of friends and God above.

We, mjbrighteyes and libra2004 invite you to share in the joy and celebration of our love, together with Jesus Christ on Monday the 11th of December,two thousand and six at one 0'clock in the afternoon at Tara Lake,Ratthaphattana,Bangkok,Thailand.

Thank you so much Cristie for this wonderful site. I met mjbrighteyes last March 30,2005. I am so happy with him and he is to me too...Friends,if you haven't found your soulmate yet, never give up and never miss to go through this website. It helps a lot! Just pray and God has set a time for everything....just wait....God bless!

mjbrighteyes & libra2004

MJBRIGHTEYES & libra2004

God has His perfect timing.

I met Adventistme on this site. God just brought him out of nowhere to me, and I am forever grateful. I am a single mom, and lost my husband a couple years ago to a car accident. From then on I wasn't sure what God had in store for me and my little guy. To all of u just remember God has His perfect timing. Stay hopeful...ur sweetheart is out there sowhere. Praise God for all He does for each of us!!!!!

jgirl2323 & Adventistme

I am truly the most blessed girl alive!!!!

I met the most marvelous man through this website! Ice24 and I are going to get married next year, Lord willing! He is truly an answer to my prayers, and just when I thought I was going to give up on this website, there he was! I am truly the most blessed girl alive!!!! I am leaving this website behind because I've succeeded in meeting my soulmate! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

NapturallyMe & Ice24

I KNOW she is my soul mate.

Greetings to all from Grundy. This is my last day on the site - my membership expires today. I just want to announce that I found the love of my life through this site. I was skeptical, when I first joined in April, about finding a true mate through the internet. I knew I could make friends through this service, and have. I knew I would find inspiration and spiritual nourishment here, which I have.
But...what a wonderful surprise to discover the woman for whom I have looked all my life. She has surpassed all of the prayers and hopes I've had for many years; I KNOW she is my soul mate. We were married October 26th and are still on our honeymoon.
This is ScottishCaileag. I want to share my thoughts and feelings about what has been the greatest blessing of my life in addition to my dear daughter. Grundy initiated chat with me late July of this year, and I instantly responded, knowing in my heart that he truly abided in Christ. We had a few conversations but, for some reason, didn't keep in touch. clearly guided by the Lord, we began speaking again on Sept. 15th and bonded spiritually and emotionally within two days! We fell in love in less than a week, and when this "Montana lass" finally met that "Tennessee Jewish hillbilly with an Irish soul" less than three weeks later, we knew it was meant to be.
This is a classical song I composed early last year, and now I know the dear, sweet man for whom it was intended:

I belong to you,
You belong to me,
And together we are part of God's family.
Someday we will rest on the banks of the River of Life
And know it was worth all the strife.

You are part of me,
I am part of you,
And with Jesus there's no fire we cannot walk through.
We will look to the sky at the sound of the trumpets that Day,
When Our Saviour will come back to say:

"You endured with Me,
So I lived in you,
Now here is the Promise you knew I would do:
Now you may rest on the banks of the River of Life...
For eternity as husband and wife."

Katheryne MacClannough

grundy & ScottishCaileag

We are now recently engaged.

We met on this website. We have visited back and forth on email, on the phone, and in person. He sent me a smile with a message. I responed to his messages and it grew from there. We are now recently engaged and plan a wedding by the end of the year. Thank you SDA singles. Good luck to all in your search for the right person. Phillipians 4:13


We met simply to say hello.

We met simply to say hello but we never thought we would be anything more then friends, because of the distance between us. But God works in mysterious ways, we met and have decided to share our lives together. He lives in Argentina and I live in Michigan. Whoever would have thought love could reach such a distance? We have made plans for me to move to his homeland, which will require learning a new language. But with patience and love anything is possible...Thank you so very much for helping us find each other....flowerchild and connery2004

flowerchild & connery2004

It is a match made in Heaven.

I would like to thank ASC for helping me find the love of my life. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I could or would ever meet some one like her. We think and want so many things that are the same. I truly believe it is a match made in Heaven. It's the only explanation. Thank you God for Dealia ( ednurse ) She is such a sweety pie ( Pumpkin flavor LOL ) I pray that our love will grow for each other every day and as long as we keep our eyes looking up and invite Him into our lives we can not go wrong. Dealia and I would like to thank all the people who we have come in contact here at ASC. Some of our journeys in finding a mate are short, some are longer but for all of you still searching, be patient, God does have some one for all of us. I really do believe that. God bless you all. Dennis ( wereisyourheart ) and Dealia ( ednurse )

wereisyourheart & ednurse

I found the most wonderful man!!

Hi this is Heather. My user name was HLW21 and Tim's name was TJ77. I joined your site and found the most wonderful man!! Tim sent me a smile in October 2005 and we emailed each other and then he gave me his phone number and I called him and we talked maybe once a month, while still emailing each other. We kind of lost contact for a little while, but then I was going to FL for spring break in March '06 and I knew he lived in TN and we were stopping in TN for the weekend before heading to FL. So I emailed Tim and asked if he would want to meet me. We made the plans and he drove 4 hours to the place where I would be in TN. We both were going with the intensions of we'll just meet, hang out and then probably never see each other (since we both lived in different states)! But, that didn't happen!! We both had so much fun together and we just hit it off. We have talked almost everyday since that weekend we met! We officially became a couple on May 14 '06 and we talk 3,4, sometimes 5 or more times a day, everyday!! We see each other once a month, he comes to Ohio and I go to TN. We both feel God brought us together. We are praying about our relationship that it is God's will, that we will be together soon! I am finishing my bachelor's degree in Business Management and he has some priorities that he has to finish. And soon, God's will, we will be together!!

His sister had told him about this christian website and my grandma told me about this site. It's funny because we both said that it would be stupid to sign up on this site (a dating site on the internet) but we are both glad we did because we found each other!! God is so awesome!!

Thank you,

HLW21 & TJ77

God will be with us as HE is everyday.

I met this wonderful person on ASC, my username was champ73 and her username was luv2read. I wasn't looking for my soulmate but God works in mysterious ways.
We were talking about how God has touched our families and our lives and our friendship grew into something much more. I live in the United States and she lives in Asia, we will meet for the first time in February 2007. God will be with us as HE is everyday. The Lord has blessed me with a strong Adventist family and has led me to luv2read. We will put everything in our relationship in the Lords' hands and let HIM be our guide as we begin our lives together. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful site, it is good for meeting your soulmate or just meeting other Adventists wanted a more spiritual life. Good luck to everyone, and God bless you all and be good to yourself and each other.



Her story:

Last August 18, 2006, God sent the "one" that He has prepared for me! I was checking my mail then suddenly I saw someone viewed my profile and we exchanged smiles for one time. We're both neophyte at this kind of site, as a matter of fact, he had a "new" icon on his profile proving that he's really a new member. Then we chatted for long hours and we exchanged emails the next day on! The sun will not set of not hearing anything from each other. We maintained that constant communication and put God first in our lives.

I enjoyed his company and his magical sixth sense-- his sense of humor! We exchanged emails and I just saw myself enjoying talking to this person. Knowing him is a great privilege and he is making a big impact in my life especially with my relationship to our Creator! Until now, I can't imagine how I could receive such a "gift"! He completes me and I can tell squarely that he is a great and God-fearing person. It is my first time to have a man in my life and I am glad that he is the first and the last.

God blesses us at the right time and when it comes, it's unexplainable, immeasurable and incomprehensible. At that moment, all we can do is to praise and thank Him for what He has done for us, for blessing us despite of our weaknesses and shortcomings. Indeed, God moves in mysterious ways! We are both from the different sides of the world but with God’s grace, he was able to visit me and we spent time together. I knew that he’s going to propose but the thing is, I didn’t know when and where. But one night, he asked me to close my eyes and I just saw myself standing and looking at him kneeling down, holding my hands, then he asked me the magical question. I couldn't even utter a word, speechless, wanted to cry and my body was like shaking. Later, I was able to talk and said my BIG YES!!! That was a great and magnificent feeling. Now, we are working in our plans for our future and preparing for sharing our "one life" together soon!

Sweet, from the deepest part of my heart, I would like to thank you for sharing me your big heart and for loving me unconditionally. I love you always and forever!

God bless ASC!!!

champ73 and luv2read

champ73 & luv2read

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