Success Stories: 2006

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I have met such a wonderful and mature lady

I have met such a wonderful and mature lady on this website. I have never experienced anything like this. Her profile name was Olivia and her name is Christine. We are enjoying a wonderful dating relationship, and we are committed to working at it forever.
So we thank Adventistsinglesconnection for providing us with this opportunity to sharing a wonderful life together. Thanks again, Braces and Olivia (Billy and Christine).

Braces & Olivia

We just got married.

I've met this wonderful man from this site so perfect honest with a great heart full of love and I fell in love with him. In fact we just got married. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the administration for this amazing site and thank God for bringing my adam to me!


I snapped her up before she could get away.

This woman approached me on line and a rather intense relationship began to develop over the phone and email. After talking everything through about a dozen times we decided to meet and it was love at first sight. I knew from the first moment I saw her at the airport that she was the one for me. We got along so well on the phone and off that faster than we both could emagine I was asking her to spend the rest of her life with me. It has been wonderful ever since. Not every experience on line has turned out so well but finally a fantastic woman came along and I snapped her up before she could get away. Absolutely the best I could have hoped for. Thanks goes to our Creator , He gets all the credit as I was trying my own way and only made a mess of things. I am very grateful for the sight and it surely has worked for my new wife and I.


My name has changed from Strawberries to Mrs. Brown.

My name has changed from Strawberries to Mrs. Brown.

Rex and I started talking on Adventist singles not too long ago. We were married July 7th, in the Omak SDA church.

We have 6 kids between us, his are part time.
We are purchasing a home, and are so happy together, this would not have been possible to find each other without your help. We have so much in common and our likes and dislikes match up very well.

Thank you Lord!



He had come baring gifts.

When i first got on this site. I thought I was crazy and unfortunately my first experience with this site was not a good one. I fell for a scammer and he used me. But our God is merciful. After I realized I was being used I really wanted to give up and leave this site, but something told me to hold on and not give up.

I suddenly got very ill and had to have emergency surgery but before I went to the hospital I had sent a smile to this very handsome man. I had read many profiles but was disappointed because most of them had a list of qualification that I just wasn't qualified for. But when I read his profile I saw his heart. He described himself and only asked for the qualifications that God would expect. I hadn't received anything back so I thought he wasn't interested. But right before I went to the hospital something told me to try again and send him mail. So that's exactly what I did. Because of cancer in my left kidney I had to have it removed. God is so great and wonderful and merciful that He spared my life!

When I got home from the hospital I got settled in and then I checked my e-mail. I was so happy to see that this handsome man had mailed me! Although I could barly sit for a while I just had to respond to his mail. Then I eagerly waited for his response. I believe that he mailed me a few days later and we chatted on line for a while. He then asked for my phone number and we began to talk. At first we only talked about once or twice a week, but then we began to talk on the phone everyday for hours. I new I was begining to fall in love with this man but was afraid to tell him because of what had happened to me with this other man before I had met him. I could also sense that he was falling in love with me but I new that he was holding back from telling me.

We had been talking for at least 3 months almost everyday for at least 4 hours a day. We then decided to meet for dinner. When the day came to meet him I was very nervous but also very anxious. We were supposed meet at a park but he got lost and we met at a gas now love this gas When I first saw him I didn't feel any chemistry between us and I thought to myslef maybe it would be better to end this date. But as the date went on I began to feel something for him. He had come baring gifts. Not gifts that were bought at a store but gifts that he made with his own hands. I had to kiss him and I believe that's when I was really hooked! He gave me a beautiful card that said he loved me and it scared me so I held back and didn't tell him what I was really feeing. But he was so kind, so patient and was willing to wait until I was ready to accept his love.

So to make a long story I now deeply love this man and we are making plans to get married. He is truly a man of God and we look forward spending the rest of our lives together working for our wonderful God who has brought us together!

So I want to thank God and this site for providing a way for us and other christain people to meet!



crystal & JOHNNYKATT

We celebrated our wedding on July the 21st.

Hello friends,

I want to share my love story with you and everybody that knows this wonderful web site.

Everything began when a friend of mine logged on my account at Adventist Singles and saw a smile sent to me. I wanted to see a bit more who was that boy, but my friend said: "It is not a good idea, he is only 1.59m! I replied: "I do not care! Let me know him better." So I sow his profile and I found it was an interesting person.

We chatted by internet almost every day. We enjoyed each other very much!!!
But as Victor always says: Everybody is wonderful and beautiful by internet but sometimes reality is different.

I lived and worked in Spain and some months after he invited me to Portugal where he lives.
I loved to come!!! The lovely five days we spent together will never be forgotten.
It was so special! I never imagine there was such a special boy in this world. I felt and saw so clearly he was Gods answer to my prayers. I was so happy!

After two months I came back to Portugal. This time we spent almost a month together. We participated in an adventist camping next to a beach. We know each other a bit more. We talked about our relationship, our life and future.
Since the first time, he showed decision and seriousness as well as me. This attitude touched me deeply.

Well, to finish the story I will say that I moved to Portugal nine months ago, and we celebrated our wedding on July the 21st. We love each other very much and we are deeply thankful to God for giving us to each other.

I hope you enjoy our story.

P.S. Just one more interesting thing. Victor was a little bit incredulous about the site Adventist connections. And for that reason, it was a friend of him who made his registration file. After that, Victor worked a little bit on his profile. Even, in that case of incredibility, he give a look on some profiles, and when he found me he old to himself: Hum, what an interesting girl and sent me a smile
And it was so that, God blessed us with so a big blessing (ME and HIM).

We want to say Thank you very much to you.


Virginia and Vitor (W Forever)


I finally was getting to see the person with whom I had fall

She sent me a smile saying "You're Hot!". That is how it all started about 8 months ago. I never knew that that little smile would be the seed from which many smiles would come. We spoke online for just a couple of weeks and then we decided to speak by phone. We spoke by phone for many months; hoping that time and finances would eventually permit us to see each other in person. This whole time we were able to get to know each other better and better through speaking for hours almost every day.

I finally got to see her in person just this month. I was so overcome with joy at seeing her words cannot express it!! I finally was getting to see the person with whom I had fallen in love with over the phone. I was able to finally see her in person! It's been such a blessing and a pleasure to know her and to love who she is before getting to see her in person. I thought that it was a wierd system but it was the best one for me.

I just wanted to tell all of those who have put this site together that I am forever greatful for the service that you have provided. This website has been a Godsend!! I just cannot overstate that fact! I met the most lovely, beautiful, caring and compatable girl I could meet through this site. I love her with all of my being. I am sooooooo glad that I signed up with this site.

Again from the bottom of my being....
Thank You!

C. Joel Sigh


We would have never met

Dear ASC,

I, 'aralena', found 'ServantofTheKing' here on this excellent site. He mistakenly had his age wrong, due to computer illiteracy, so I nearly missed him, but our Heavenly Father had other ideas. We have so much in common as well as only living 4 hours apart, in Australia, on this giant planet. However we would have never met if it hadn't been for this site. He is everything & more than I asked for & I am more than he ever dreamed of too. We are getting married Oct. 8th 2006 with the blessing also of my mother & children who love him too, which is an added bonus. We both have tragedies in our lives that we can put aside together as we walk that narrow path ahead of us, hand in hand to the Kingdom. We will be living in the country like a king & a queen with what Yahweh has blessed us both with. Divorce is one word that is not in our vocabulary, but success, overcoming & achievement are used often.

Thank you for conducting this site & giving those of us who do not think there is any hope, the hope of the future we so long to have. I encourage others to be brave & put yourself out there on this 'supermarket' shelf as it is worth it if you are truely faithful to Him. While it is difficult to write about yourself, be specific as to your desires & just maybe there is also that special person out there waiting for you, too.

How wonderful to have that special person in your life, when you think that impossible. Keep praying to Him without ceasing.

Will keep you posted,

**UPDATED Jan 22, 2007**
On 8th October 2006 I (aralena) married Peter (servantoftheking) in Australia. We met here on your site last January & miraculously found we lived only 4 hours apart & had so much in common. We met at a meeting in Sydney & in June Peter proposed to me with a beautiful poem he found on the internet. We would like to thank you for your internet site as we would never have met otherwise.

Rosy & Peter

aralena & ServantofTheKing

There was a happy ending.

The story was pretty interesting because in his profile he only wanted
friendship or pen pal, but the computer had sent me an email indicating he was a
match for me. I sent him an email introducing myself as a friend, since thats
what he was seeking and we stuck up a conversation. We spoke for three months
online and on the telephone until we finally agreed to meet out of curiosity.
When we met we both felt like we had know each other for years.

He turned out to be a real gentleman. We agreed to pursue a relationship in
spite of the miles that separate us. He fought that thought for a while, but
finally gave in. He lives in D.C. and I live in Boise, Idaho. Somehow we are
managing to bridge the gap until God comes up with a better plan.

I have to admit I was starting to lose faith in the site because there were
alot of men on this site that were married and posing as single and it was
getting very frustrating. But I am glad there was a happy ending.

Thanks for your interest.


P.S., His name is Kevin

Smartncute & KMNicks

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