Success Stories: 2006

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I met my fiance on this site

I met my fiance on this site; he is the sweetest, kindest, most wonderful man ever. We met on February 25, 2006 at the Azure Hills SDA Church. After I met my fiance, he called me every night and we made every effort to meet as often as we could (I was busy with school, so it was harder for me to meet him, but I made the time). My fiance and I went to premarital counseling at the Loma Linda University Church. After the first meeting (on April 21, 2006 - less than 2 months after I met him), he took me out to Long Beach, knelt down in the sand, and asked me to be his wife. It was very romantic! We are going to get married on December 17, 2006 (less than one year from the day he and I met). I wish all of those on this site the best of luck finding the kind of love I have found!


The Lord sems to be leading us...

I have met a wonderful lady her on ASC and her name is rltyck. She is a wonderful puts the Lord first in her life. The Lord seems to be leading us and we pray he will continue to lead us to more. Thanks so much Jeff aka Honestyisbest

Honestyisbest & rltyck

We were compatible in so many ways and it seemed as though w

When You Least Expect

Hello everyone, this is Rosielee and hfshyguy coming to you. We would like to share our experience with you on how our relationship developed. Approximately six to seven months ago we decided to say hi to each other through instant mingle. We communicated back and forth for a short period of time and the communication stopped. Once again we decided to touch basis with each other. We exchanged phone numbers, and conversed over the phone, our conversation was wonderful. Afterwards time progressed and we didnt talk anymore. One particular day we decided to chat and this time things took off to a different level. As we expressed and shared our life stories we realized there were many commonalities. We were compatible in so many ways and it seemed as though we fitted like hand in glove. We have been communicating morning, noon, and night. Harvey decided to join me for my family reunion by flying from Michigan to Albuquerque in order to drive me to Louisiana. My children and family love him dearly and think he's a jewel. Harvey has also made reservations to visit me in July, Sept, and we will be spending Thanksgiving together. I on the other hand, will visit him and his family for the Christmas holidays. During this time engagement and marriage is in order. We plan to be married next summer, and we can hardly wait. Our experience has been a phenomenal one that is almost indescribable. Our advice to each and every one you who are looking for your life long partner is to not rule out anyone. The very person who you may not be interested in for one reason or the other just might be the person who God has for you when youre least expected. Remember quality should exceed everything while searching for your life long partner. We are thankful that this website was available, if we had to join all over again we would because our results has been tremendous. We can actually say that we have met some wonderful individuals on this site. Fortunately, we werent compatible. Otherwise, Harvey and I would have never met.

Rosielee & hfshyguy

Rosielee & hfshyguy

Things couldn't be better!

Back in December (2005), I had found it quite difficult and nearly impossible to find anyone that matched my needs as a significant other. I had just about given up hope when I found your website. I had only been a member for a short time when I met Jenny, AKA Tigerlady092274 and immediately we had, what can only be described as, a God Sent connection. At first she quickly let me know she was NOT looking for anyone to date due to the fact she was just getting out of a really bad relationship. By the pure Grace of God, she accepted and our friendship flourished. Within less than a month, we BOTH could no longer ignore the sparks that were beginning to fly between us. We continued getting to know one another the best we could via this website, emails and LOTS of LONG phone conversations. It didn't take either of us long to realize that this HAD to be an answer to our prayers, we BOTH felt like we had finally met the one we were born to be with. We have since been together for almost 4 months and I have moved to KY/TN to be near her. Things couldn't be better. I have never met someone that I have so much in common with and that (excuse the cliche but....) completes me. Where I am weak, she is strong, and where she is weak, I am strong. Even though we have only been together for 4 months, I have never been more sure that this woman will be the one I spend all of eternity with!! And I am fortunate that she feels the same about me!!!!! Thank you so much ASC for bringing the two of us together!!!!! God Bless You ALL!!! Doug (and Jenny)

**UPDATED July 1st 2006**
Just an update.... As we said in our last entry, Doug (AKA GodKnight) and I have found something very unique and blessed in one another and our love for one another grew to the point we knew that the next, right step had to be marriage. We sought out counselling with our local pastor and after many sessions with him, many hours in prayer and many hours of discussions with one another...we finally agreed that God was definately leading us towards spending the rest of our lives together!!

We talked to our families, got blessings from them all and made it official this morning (June 29, 2006)! We had a small, intimate ceremony with a few of our family members and a couple close friends and are planning on having a big, formal wedding next year on or around our one year anniversary!!

I can't wait to share my life with this man and I know in my heart that God will bless us in so many ways that we won't be able to count!! He really already has!!!

We both want to thank this site for aiding God in bringing us together and also to thank all of our friends here for all the support and prayers!!! We love you all!!!

May God Bless each and every one of you and our advice to you all is to never give up.....God WILL send you that special just have to be patient and wait for His timing!!!

Thanks so much,
Douglas and Jenny Rundle

GODKNIGHT & Tigerlady092274

Our testimonies

Hello, my name is Valerie Robison, username Bluesea311. His name is Jeffrey Maxwell username Gospel4U.

It started out when people in my church began to suggest to me to go online and meet other Adventists to make friends. In my mind this was totally absurd because I was not looking for "my other half" and in my mind I was going to stay single the rest of my life. But I heard it many times and I decided that it would be nice to make some friends in some other areas of the world with my same faith. I was quite disappointed to see all that I saw on the website, seeing that all those people are professed Christians. But then, I saw his picture and it was God who told me to look at his profile. I read it and thought that for his age, it was strange yet so wonderful how he expressed his love for our God, being so young and all. It caught my attention and for a moment I fought with the decision of whether I should write to him because everyone on the website seemed so desperate to find a mate that I did not want him to think that i was looking for that. As I said, I was pretty
much looking for sincere Christians in other parts to make friends. So the Lord told me to write. All I said was that i loved how he expressed his love for God and that it was nice to see this in someone his age as I am about the same age and this is hard to find. From this he immediately replied and we began a friendship. God was most definitely guiding us and I could sense that something was right. We decided to exchange numbers and called each other and prayed together every night.


Yes, the Lord Jesus was most certainly involved in this relationship. I had never had my own cellphone on a monthly plan before and I felt impressed to buy one shortly before meeting Valerie online. This was a miracle amongst many. We also signed up for Adventist Singles Connection at around the same time. I never thought that I would find someone around my age who actually lived up to much of the standard that true Adventism stands for. It was perfect, she was a vegetarian, she believed the three angel's messages, did not get involved with worldly activities and much more. Praise God, an endangered species. When she wrote to me, my heart was pounding fast and I immediately wrote back to her. She seemed almost perfect and, most certainly, heaven sent. It did not take long before I KNEW that this was the one that the Lord had prepared for me.


When I began speaking to him, all I could say in my mind was "WOW"! A true Adventist male, around my age, who was a vegetarian, and does not waste his time watching television, and studies his Bible and reads the spirit of prophecy. I thought i was dreaming. I just refused to marry someone who ate meat, loved sports, and was careless in his christian walk. He seemed to fit all I ever wanted and thought I'd never find! But of course, that goes to show and testifies to the FACT, that NOTHING is impossible for our mighty God!! We have so much in common with the way we wish to serve the Lord and we give HIM PRAISE!!!


Amen to that! She gave me moral courage to stand up for the Sabbath issue with my parents. The Lord put her in my life to help me with my issues just as He put me in her life to help her with her issues, in perfect timing. We finally met in person, the May of that same year, 2005, at Camp Kulaqua in Florida, and what a blessed event that was. Blessings were falling all around us. Then, I came and visited her in her home town in South Florida ( i was living in Georgia). I was late for the plane ride back to Georgia, and I do not think that I was ever happier about an event such as this in my life.


Yes, we were so close yet so far away. Well, when he came to Florida and missed his flight, it was actually the best thing. He had to quickly locate an apartment and employment. It was not long before we again put it in the Lord's hands about when we should marry as we were sure we were right for one another. We decided to marry in Dec. 2005 and it has indeed been a wonderful blessing! Praise the Lord!!


Praise the Lord. Now we are planning to move back up to Georgia. South Florida is an extremely crowded area with hardly any nature and not a good place to grow spiritually. We are counseled by God's prophet to move out of the cities as fast as we can. To move out of the crowded cities has been a lifelong dream for Valerie. With thanks to this website and all glory to God, this dream is coming true as well, as we having found our lifelong partners in each other. Amen.

Bluesea311 & &Gospel4U

Thanks for bringing me and my love together

Just wanted to say thanks for bringing me and my love together.
We met in here on ASC in January, and met face to face just over 2 weeks ago. It was an immediate success and we are now making plans for one of us to move across the world so we can be together forever.

Can you imagine, a man from Norway and a woman from USA? Well, that just shows that nothing is impossible.

Thanks anyway for providing this service thas has enabled us to meet.
God bless you*



We found the love of our lives!

We found the love of our lives! With a 100% match, how can it be wrong?! It all started with a smile and a few sweet lines to each other. Later on, lots of phone calls and then we met for the first time in Canada where my wife is from. Lots of traveling and endless miles that faced us. But, we made it! We got married a year later in the summer of 2005 and then still had to deal with immigration. But finally in March 2006 we were together in the USA. It was a very adventurous ride. But you know what? It was all worth it! You see, when you fall in love with each other, nothing can be too difficult, not time, distance or any other obstacles.

We had a wonderful summer, outside wedding with people who care about us and they all got to know how we met. Some people were encouraged to know that they have a chance and hope to meet someone special this way. We are so thankful to you Christie and all who organized this website. Without you it would not be impossible. I think God has led us all in the right direction. Thank you again for helping us to find the love of our lives.

Christina & Zzyzx

We will be getting married in the states.

We met in December 2005 and we sent smiles and mails to each other. We even sent cards to each other and even chatted online - that is how we used to communicate with each other. Then, we slowly started to like each other because we were both of the same religion and we both had a good understanding between each other and wanted to be with each other forever. We used to express our love to each other by sending cards from the website. Then we both decided that we should meet each other and since we both lived on opposite sides of the earth - he made sure that he came to seem me even though I live so far away from him. Then that day came when he came to meet me on the 24th of March 2006. He stayed for 10 days and we spent a lot of time with each other and then we decided that we should get engaged and we did on March 30, 2006. I am so glad that God has brought us together. And I would also like to thank the Adventist Singles website for allowing me to be a member of this site. Because of this website also I found the true love of my life. And for what I have been praying for God has answered my prayers by sending this person, SANDS, into my life. I feel so fortunate and blessed to have him in my life. And I thank God for my new found relationship which is full of Gods blessings. If things work out, with God's help, then we maybe will be able to get married in December. We will be getting married in the states.

Sanya & Sands

God has someone for you!

When I was online looking around and reading various profiles, I prayed that God would show me
someone who would be a good friend, a pen pal, and who would be the right woman for me. So, everytime I searched this one profile kept comming up to me, and my profile kept coming up to her. We both prayed about this as we feel that God was telling each of us that we are to be the one for each other, so we chatted alot and have developed a relationship that is not to be broken. It was forged by God and he has blessed us both since. He has moved mountains for us and will continue to do so. He has brought us together and has answered our prayers. We are very happy together and will live happily ever after just like the fairytale goes.

We both would like to thank ASC for such a blessed site such as this and some advice to you all, God has someone for you! He had someone for us, which is us and we are very happy. Our plans for the future are being made now, we will keep you posted on our progress, and marriage. May God richly bless all of your lives.

**UPDATED MARCH 4, 2006**
"Pinkisherheys" and "CDG2006" are planning a wedding for early this year. Please pray for us in our journey that we have begun together with God. We love you ASC.

CDG2006 & Pinkisherheys

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