Answered Prayer

Answered Prayer

An answered prayer she is to me,
My greatest blessing he will be,
And today we pledge our love
Infront of friends and God above.

We, mjbrighteyes and libra2004 invite you to share in the joy and celebration of our love, together with Jesus Christ on Monday the 11th of December,two thousand and six at one 0'clock in the afternoon at Tara Lake,Ratthaphattana,Bangkok,Thailand.

Thank you so much Cristie for this wonderful site. I met mjbrighteyes last March 30,2005. I am so happy with him and he is to me too...Friends,if you haven't found your soulmate yet, never give up and never miss to go through this website. It helps a lot! Just pray and God has set a time for everything....just wait....God bless!

mjbrighteyes & libra2004

MJBRIGHTEYES & libra2004

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