God has someone for you!

When I was online looking around and reading various profiles, I prayed that God would show me
someone who would be a good friend, a pen pal, and who would be the right woman for me. So, everytime I searched this one profile kept comming up to me, and my profile kept coming up to her. We both prayed about this as we feel that God was telling each of us that we are to be the one for each other, so we chatted alot and have developed a relationship that is not to be broken. It was forged by God and he has blessed us both since. He has moved mountains for us and will continue to do so. He has brought us together and has answered our prayers. We are very happy together and will live happily ever after just like the fairytale goes.

We both would like to thank ASC for such a blessed site such as this and some advice to you all, God has someone for you! He had someone for us, which is us and we are very happy. Our plans for the future are being made now, we will keep you posted on our progress, and marriage. May God richly bless all of your lives.

**UPDATED MARCH 4, 2006**
"Pinkisherheys" and "CDG2006" are planning a wedding for early this year. Please pray for us in our journey that we have begun together with God. We love you ASC.

CDG2006 & Pinkisherheys

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