God will be with us as HE is everyday.

I met this wonderful person on ASC, my username was champ73 and her username was luv2read. I wasn't looking for my soulmate but God works in mysterious ways.
We were talking about how God has touched our families and our lives and our friendship grew into something much more. I live in the United States and she lives in Asia, we will meet for the first time in February 2007. God will be with us as HE is everyday. The Lord has blessed me with a strong Adventist family and has led me to luv2read. We will put everything in our relationship in the Lords' hands and let HIM be our guide as we begin our lives together. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful site, it is good for meeting your soulmate or just meeting other Adventists wanted a more spiritual life. Good luck to everyone, and God bless you all and be good to yourself and each other.



Her story:

Last August 18, 2006, God sent the "one" that He has prepared for me! I was checking my mail then suddenly I saw someone viewed my profile and we exchanged smiles for one time. We're both neophyte at this kind of site, as a matter of fact, he had a "new" icon on his profile proving that he's really a new member. Then we chatted for long hours and we exchanged emails the next day on! The sun will not set of not hearing anything from each other. We maintained that constant communication and put God first in our lives.

I enjoyed his company and his magical sixth sense-- his sense of humor! We exchanged emails and I just saw myself enjoying talking to this person. Knowing him is a great privilege and he is making a big impact in my life especially with my relationship to our Creator! Until now, I can't imagine how I could receive such a "gift"! He completes me and I can tell squarely that he is a great and God-fearing person. It is my first time to have a man in my life and I am glad that he is the first and the last.

God blesses us at the right time and when it comes, it's unexplainable, immeasurable and incomprehensible. At that moment, all we can do is to praise and thank Him for what He has done for us, for blessing us despite of our weaknesses and shortcomings. Indeed, God moves in mysterious ways! We are both from the different sides of the world but with God’s grace, he was able to visit me and we spent time together. I knew that he’s going to propose but the thing is, I didn’t know when and where. But one night, he asked me to close my eyes and I just saw myself standing and looking at him kneeling down, holding my hands, then he asked me the magical question. I couldn't even utter a word, speechless, wanted to cry and my body was like shaking. Later, I was able to talk and said my BIG YES!!! That was a great and magnificent feeling. Now, we are working in our plans for our future and preparing for sharing our "one life" together soon!

Sweet, from the deepest part of my heart, I would like to thank you for sharing me your big heart and for loving me unconditionally. I love you always and forever!

God bless ASC!!!

champ73 and luv2read

champ73 & luv2read

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