He had come baring gifts.

When i first got on this site. I thought I was crazy and unfortunately my first experience with this site was not a good one. I fell for a scammer and he used me. But our God is merciful. After I realized I was being used I really wanted to give up and leave this site, but something told me to hold on and not give up.

I suddenly got very ill and had to have emergency surgery but before I went to the hospital I had sent a smile to this very handsome man. I had read many profiles but was disappointed because most of them had a list of qualification that I just wasn't qualified for. But when I read his profile I saw his heart. He described himself and only asked for the qualifications that God would expect. I hadn't received anything back so I thought he wasn't interested. But right before I went to the hospital something told me to try again and send him mail. So that's exactly what I did. Because of cancer in my left kidney I had to have it removed. God is so great and wonderful and merciful that He spared my life!

When I got home from the hospital I got settled in and then I checked my e-mail. I was so happy to see that this handsome man had mailed me! Although I could barly sit for a while I just had to respond to his mail. Then I eagerly waited for his response. I believe that he mailed me a few days later and we chatted on line for a while. He then asked for my phone number and we began to talk. At first we only talked about once or twice a week, but then we began to talk on the phone everyday for hours. I new I was begining to fall in love with this man but was afraid to tell him because of what had happened to me with this other man before I had met him. I could also sense that he was falling in love with me but I new that he was holding back from telling me.

We had been talking for at least 3 months almost everyday for at least 4 hours a day. We then decided to meet for dinner. When the day came to meet him I was very nervous but also very anxious. We were supposed meet at a park but he got lost and we met at a gas station...lol...I now love this gas station...lol. When I first saw him I didn't feel any chemistry between us and I thought to myslef maybe it would be better to end this date. But as the date went on I began to feel something for him. He had come baring gifts. Not gifts that were bought at a store but gifts that he made with his own hands. I had to kiss him and I believe that's when I was really hooked! He gave me a beautiful card that said he loved me and it scared me so I held back and didn't tell him what I was really feeing. But he was so kind, so patient and was willing to wait until I was ready to accept his love.

So to make a long story short...lol... I now deeply love this man and we are making plans to get married. He is truly a man of God and we look forward spending the rest of our lives together working for our wonderful God who has brought us together!

So I want to thank God and this site for providing a way for us and other christain people to meet!



crystal & JOHNNYKATT

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