I KNOW she is my soul mate.

Greetings to all from Grundy. This is my last day on the site - my membership expires today. I just want to announce that I found the love of my life through this site. I was skeptical, when I first joined in April, about finding a true mate through the internet. I knew I could make friends through this service, and have. I knew I would find inspiration and spiritual nourishment here, which I have.
But...what a wonderful surprise to discover the woman for whom I have looked all my life. She has surpassed all of the prayers and hopes I've had for many years; I KNOW she is my soul mate. We were married October 26th and are still on our honeymoon.
This is ScottishCaileag. I want to share my thoughts and feelings about what has been the greatest blessing of my life in addition to my dear daughter. Grundy initiated chat with me late July of this year, and I instantly responded, knowing in my heart that he truly abided in Christ. We had a few conversations but, for some reason, didn't keep in touch. But...as clearly guided by the Lord, we began speaking again on Sept. 15th and bonded spiritually and emotionally within two days! We fell in love in less than a week, and when this "Montana lass" finally met that "Tennessee Jewish hillbilly with an Irish soul" less than three weeks later, we knew it was meant to be.
This is a classical song I composed early last year, and now I know the dear, sweet man for whom it was intended:

I belong to you,
You belong to me,
And together we are part of God's family.
Someday we will rest on the banks of the River of Life
And know it was worth all the strife.

You are part of me,
I am part of you,
And with Jesus there's no fire we cannot walk through.
We will look to the sky at the sound of the trumpets that Day,
When Our Saviour will come back to say:

"You endured with Me,
So I lived in you,
Now here is the Promise you knew I would do:
Now you may rest on the banks of the River of Life...
For eternity as husband and wife."

Katheryne MacClannough

grundy & ScottishCaileag

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