I found the most wonderful man!!

Hi this is Heather. My user name was HLW21 and Tim's name was TJ77. I joined your site and found the most wonderful man!! Tim sent me a smile in October 2005 and we emailed each other and then he gave me his phone number and I called him and we talked maybe once a month, while still emailing each other. We kind of lost contact for a little while, but then I was going to FL for spring break in March '06 and I knew he lived in TN and we were stopping in TN for the weekend before heading to FL. So I emailed Tim and asked if he would want to meet me. We made the plans and he drove 4 hours to the place where I would be in TN. We both were going with the intensions of we'll just meet, hang out and then probably never see each other (since we both lived in different states)! But, that didn't happen!! We both had so much fun together and we just hit it off. We have talked almost everyday since that weekend we met! We officially became a couple on May 14 '06 and we talk 3,4, sometimes 5 or more times a day, everyday!! We see each other once a month, he comes to Ohio and I go to TN. We both feel God brought us together. We are praying about our relationship that it is God's will, that we will be together soon! I am finishing my bachelor's degree in Business Management and he has some priorities that he has to finish. And soon, God's will, we will be together!!

His sister had told him about this christian website and my grandma told me about this site. It's funny because we both said that it would be stupid to sign up on this site (a dating site on the internet) but we are both glad we did because we found each other!! God is so awesome!!

Thank you,

HLW21 & TJ77

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