There was a happy ending.

The story was pretty interesting because in his profile he only wanted
friendship or pen pal, but the computer had sent me an email indicating he was a
match for me. I sent him an email introducing myself as a friend, since thats
what he was seeking and we stuck up a conversation. We spoke for three months
online and on the telephone until we finally agreed to meet out of curiosity.
When we met we both felt like we had know each other for years.

He turned out to be a real gentleman. We agreed to pursue a relationship in
spite of the miles that separate us. He fought that thought for a while, but
finally gave in. He lives in D.C. and I live in Boise, Idaho. Somehow we are
managing to bridge the gap until God comes up with a better plan.

I have to admit I was starting to lose faith in the site because there were
alot of men on this site that were married and posing as single and it was
getting very frustrating. But I am glad there was a happy ending.

Thanks for your interest.


P.S., His name is Kevin

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