We celebrated our wedding on July the 21st.

Hello friends,

I want to share my love story with you and everybody that knows this wonderful web site.

Everything began when a friend of mine logged on my account at Adventist Singles and saw a smile sent to me. I wanted to see a bit more who was that boy, but my friend said: "It is not a good idea, he is only 1.59m! I replied: "I do not care! Let me know him better." So I sow his profile and I found it was an interesting person.

We chatted by internet almost every day. We enjoyed each other very much!!!
But as Victor always says: Everybody is wonderful and beautiful by internet but sometimes reality is different.

I lived and worked in Spain and some months after he invited me to Portugal where he lives.
I loved to come!!! The lovely five days we spent together will never be forgotten.
It was so special! I never imagine there was such a special boy in this world. I felt and saw so clearly he was Gods answer to my prayers. I was so happy!

After two months I came back to Portugal. This time we spent almost a month together. We participated in an adventist camping next to a beach. We know each other a bit more. We talked about our relationship, our life and future.
Since the first time, he showed decision and seriousness as well as me. This attitude touched me deeply.

Well, to finish the story I will say that I moved to Portugal nine months ago, and we celebrated our wedding on July the 21st. We love each other very much and we are deeply thankful to God for giving us to each other.

I hope you enjoy our story.

P.S. Just one more interesting thing. Victor was a little bit incredulous about the site Adventist connections. And for that reason, it was a friend of him who made his registration file. After that, Victor worked a little bit on his profile. Even, in that case of incredibility, he give a look on some profiles, and when he found me he old to himself: Hum, what an interesting girl and sent me a smile
And it was so that, God blessed us with so a big blessing (ME and HIM).

We want to say Thank you very much to you.


Virginia and Vitor (W Forever)


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