We found the love of our lives!

We found the love of our lives! With a 100% match, how can it be wrong?! It all started with a smile and a few sweet lines to each other. Later on, lots of phone calls and then we met for the first time in Canada where my wife is from. Lots of traveling and endless miles that faced us. But, we made it! We got married a year later in the summer of 2005 and then still had to deal with immigration. But finally in March 2006 we were together in the USA. It was a very adventurous ride. But you know what? It was all worth it! You see, when you fall in love with each other, nothing can be too difficult, not time, distance or any other obstacles.

We had a wonderful summer, outside wedding with people who care about us and they all got to know how we met. Some people were encouraged to know that they have a chance and hope to meet someone special this way. We are so thankful to you Christie and all who organized this website. Without you it would not be impossible. I think God has led us all in the right direction. Thank you again for helping us to find the love of our lives.

Christina & Zzyzx

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