We would have never met

Dear ASC,

I, 'aralena', found 'ServantofTheKing' here on this excellent site. He mistakenly had his age wrong, due to computer illiteracy, so I nearly missed him, but our Heavenly Father had other ideas. We have so much in common as well as only living 4 hours apart, in Australia, on this giant planet. However we would have never met if it hadn't been for this site. He is everything & more than I asked for & I am more than he ever dreamed of too. We are getting married Oct. 8th 2006 with the blessing also of my mother & children who love him too, which is an added bonus. We both have tragedies in our lives that we can put aside together as we walk that narrow path ahead of us, hand in hand to the Kingdom. We will be living in the country like a king & a queen with what Yahweh has blessed us both with. Divorce is one word that is not in our vocabulary, but success, overcoming & achievement are used often.

Thank you for conducting this site & giving those of us who do not think there is any hope, the hope of the future we so long to have. I encourage others to be brave & put yourself out there on this 'supermarket' shelf as it is worth it if you are truely faithful to Him. While it is difficult to write about yourself, be specific as to your desires & just maybe there is also that special person out there waiting for you, too.

How wonderful to have that special person in your life, when you think that impossible. Keep praying to Him without ceasing.

Will keep you posted,

**UPDATED Jan 22, 2007**
On 8th October 2006 I (aralena) married Peter (servantoftheking) in Australia. We met here on your site last January & miraculously found we lived only 4 hours apart & had so much in common. We met at a meeting in Sydney & in June Peter proposed to me with a beautiful poem he found on the internet. We would like to thank you for your internet site as we would never have met otherwise.

Rosy & Peter

aralena & ServantofTheKing

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