Success Stories: 2007

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We have the same aim in life.

Darrell and I met in ASC only once. At first he sent me a smile, but I ignored him. I didn't care to answer until he had contacted me 3 times. When I tried to answer him he gave me his personal email address and called me everyday on the phone and we chatted for a year. Now he visited me last Dec.5 and we decided to get married as soon as possible this coming year 2008. I believe God prepares both of us because we have the same aim in life to do missionary work. We love each other very much.


We found that we had so much in common and have shared simil

This success story will probably show you all how God uses different avenues to bring two people together that share so much of the same things. Yes "Soul Mates". This is a love story from Aaron and JoAnn.

I JoAnn, recently divorced, decided to go on Adventist Singles because I wanted to meet other people that I felt shared the same belief as I did. To just meet new friends and share my experiences of my journey with the Lord. I was skeptical of going on line with any service that seemed like a dating service because I never did it before. This was my first time, I really did not know how to really use this service, and just the time I was ready to end this service, I was checking my emails and low and behold Aaron2000 came on my IM and asked me to talk. I said ok just to chat before deleting my service.

I Aaron, came on Adventist Singles to meet somebody and possibly go on a date. However, I was not familiar with using this type of service. After looking at JoAnn's profile, I decided to IM her to chat. The compatibility of the profiles stated that we were 99%.

When Aaron and I started talking we found that we had so much in common and have shared similar lives likeness. We talked on-line that night for about 5 hours. We really had such a wonderful conversation. What we really were drawn to was how awesome God is and how he loved us so much to always be there for us no matter how hard the situations. What was awesome was when Aaron would talk to me, it seemed like he was talking to my heart. He told me how he was studying and reading material on the "Holy Spirit" and how present the Holy Spirit is in our lives.
We have met each other, (I went to her hometown for Thanksgiving) and now she visited me for the Christmas and New Year Holidays.

From our conversations, which we have everyday sometimes all evening into the wee hours of the morning, and on weekend where we talk all night, we found that the LORD is truly working to bring us together. He over the years looked into our lives, allowed us to have experiences that were not always fruitful, and then he showed his mercy, by bringing us together in a bond - that's because there are matching in nature and experiences, and in most cases the outcome as well. Because we consulted him, and the HOLY SPIRIT purposed in our heart to follow his plan in this matter, he has bought JoAnn and Aaron together for a permanent relationship.

We both have things with the instructions of the HOLY SPIRIT and GOD'S blessing's to work through things he must let come to pass, but we are certain this is the person that will make our mature and golden years "blessed of GOD" with ministries in our talents he gave us - music and singing to the glory of GOD. We will pursue these ministries vigorously to aid in hastening the coming of our savior JESUS CHRIST.

Pray long and well for us and with us that we will first; love the LORD with all of hearts as a team, second; that we will love each other for eternity, third; to obey the FATHER, SON , AND HOLY GHOST



We met at ASC last May this year. We sent smiles, cards, E-mails, letters through the post, telephone calls 4 times a day for two hours everyday since the month of May. Alice is from England, (United Kingdom) and I am from Corning, (northern part of California). Last October 25th, we met in San Diego and both of us liked and loved each other and we decided to spend the rest of our lives together and only yesterday November 2lst we got married in Chico Adventist Church in l877 HOOKER OAK Ave. CHICO, CA, USA. All members of my family likes and loved Alice so much. I PRAYED to GOD that he would send somebody into my life , as my lifetime partner and GOD is GOOD, WONDERFUL, and thank you LORD, I GOT AN ANSWER TO MY PRAYER...I got ALICE now in my life.

metrolsi & Love2

Our pasts are so alike

Hmm I'm not sure exactly what to say...I am Melissa and the man I met here was willneverbeloved. I had always thought dating sites were really stupid. I only signed up out of desperation because I hated being single. I logged on, after a while of being away, just to see if anything caught my eye. I saw a new feature on the main page, where you could type in a keyword to search for. Now I am big on cuddling, and I would've been really happy to find someone the same way, so that's what I typed into the box. When the page first loaded, "willneverbeloved"'s (here on out Aaron) was the first profile to pop up....the first thing that caught my attention was his picture, cause he was different, and that's always the type I have been interested in. The next thing that caught my attention was his opening sentence. I felt sympathy, so I went in and read his profile. It was amazing....our pasts are so alike, after I read about him, I was just amazed at how alike we were, how much we thought alike. I knew I wanted to try to contact him, so I clicked the little plus sign saying you thought you would click. He logged in, not thinking anything would ever come of his profile, and when he saw that I had said we would click, he went and looked at my profile, and decided he had to contact me, since we had such similar past relationships. We found ways to talk back and forth until we managed to talk on messenger. It was so strange at first, we were both scared but excited....we got attached to each other so fast, it actually worried him! Well the first night we just talked, and the next day, August 1st, 2007, he asked me how I felt about long distance relationships, and we ended up was amazing....we talked everyday for hours on messenger, until he got the courage to call (free long distance for him) we found that we are so much alike, we think so much alike its crazy wasn't long before we realized we were in love. After a couple weeks, my messenger messed up, and he got scared enough from not knowing what was going wrong that he called me, and we got it straightened out, and we have talked on the phone every day since then....I have heard from everyone in his family except his mother as of now....we are planning on getting married in 2 or 3 years...I am going to visit him early next year, hopefully around Valentine's Day, then move near him for good....its hurting us already to have to be'll be a dream for both of us to finally be together...he thinks I will fit in well with his family. Its just amazing. It's like I told's ironic that I met my soulmate through an online dating site, since I have always thought they were the stupidest thing (although he's the opposite on that). I hold them in a different light now!

breakingbenjamin_tomboy & willneverbeloved

I knew she was the "one" as soon as I saw her!

This is Pastor B(Brian) and Christy76(Christine). I was on this website off and on for about 4 years and she had just gotten on for a week after being off of the site for 4yrs and then we met. We were online for about a week, exchanged numbers, kept in touch over the phone, and got to know one another very well. After 3 months I went to visit her and my family.........I knew she was the "one" as soon as I saw her! After about 3 hours while driving, I asked her to Marry me. She was taken aback a bit, but nevertheless she too knew. That week, the next Sabbath we were Married. Praise God and all glory to Him! We are now living in Catalina Island and have a home Church. We'd like to open up our Home for any Brothers and Sister(a Couple) that would like to take a 3 or 4 Day Vacation getting to know one another in a Beautiful and Romantic place. It will be in a place were neither will be tempted to do anything before being Wed, yet if it's meant to be, we will provide the right living conditions and the Scenery to make it happen. We also want to encourage all that are on this Website to keep going and to not give up. Whether your future Help-mete be on here or not, our God wants us to seek out His provisions and Blessings that He has for us all who desire to love Him by our Sacrifice of Obedience. May our God Almighty Bless you all here at ASC in knowing that your labor is not in vain in Him. Thank you' all so much for your love by the giving of your time to make it happen for your fellow Brethren in the Faith. In our Precious Jesus, Brian and Christy

pastorb & Christy76

We believe God had his hand in this!

We Met on ASC, in the first part of December. I wrote him, to be frinds, because I liked the photos of him with his children and grandchildren. I liked his smile and was very nervous since I had never done this before. I thought, if he doesn't write back, oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Well, he wrote back! First a little here and a little there. Then it got a little more often. I think I said "I think we could get to know each other more. If we could talk on the phone." He gave me his number, and it took me a while to call for I hadn't done this in over 50 years. I was a wreck. Can you believe that at 69? I don't know what happened then. It got more serious and Harry said he would like to come meet me. If you think that phone was bad, now I was really a wreck! We finally met! I thought he was very nice. I took him to meet my daughter, then my son and his wife. They invited us to go out to dinner the next night. Well, we did, and he was quite a charmer. He reached over to hold my hand and I thought oh, no! Not in front of my children! SMILE! It went from there to where we are now engaged, to be more than friends. The third time we met we discovered his niece was married to my best friends nephew. We couldn't believe it. He knew some of the family members. It is truly a small world. He is called AUGUSTUS on ASC. Harry is his name. To all that read this it too can happen to you. And we believe God had his hand in this! Pray for us that GOd will continue to guide. Thank you!


I had looked at her before but I did not meet her preferred

Thank you for assisting God in finding my life mate. My site name was "Thom" and my new bride's name was "Mela60". Before joining I prayed and asked God to find me a life mate. While on the site I had contact with many wonderful ladies, many turning into good friends. After the first of the year I toured the North West in my motor home meeting many of these ladies. All nice but no sparks. After returning home and persueing the site again I told God that if He had a mate for me he would have to place her in front of me. I was frustrated and stoping the hunt. I then received a notice of new mates. When opening the site there was only one. Mela60. I had looked at her before but I did not meet her preferred wants so passed. Was this God? I sent her my profile and a introductory card. The rest is history. We were married in Panama on the 29th of July. I returned to USA after a 7 week honeymoon in a tropical land. Give your wants to God and he will give what you need. Thom

A faith that cost nothing
and demands nothing
is worth nothing!

** Thom Fuhriman **

thom & Mela60

God Has Truely Blessed Me

Greetings, I greet you in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I would like to take this oppotunity to personally thank you for this wonderful website that you have designed to help others to find their true love and even their soul mate, because as a result of this website God Has Truely Blessed Me because I Have Found My True Love, My Best Friend but most of All My Soul Mate. The one you know as worthy from south carolina. We have been talking for quite sometime now and God Has Put Us together. I Am Proud to Announce that Veronica aka worthy and Quine aka preachermanq are Engaged to be Married. Our Wedding day is set for June 22,2008. Without the help of the Lord and this website, my chances of finding my soul mate would have been slim. Thank You So MUCH for ALL that you do and what you will continue to do. Please pray for us that the Lord will Bless our marriage and family as a whole. May the Lord Bless You And Keep You Is Our Prayer.
Veronica aka worthy and Quine aka preachermanq.

preachermanq & worthy

We are reaping the benefits

We met online, she clicked yes, we talked for a year nearly every day and met with wonderful excitement. We are looking into moving to the same city so we can properly court. We are falling deeply in love becasue we took the time to go slow and get to know each other. Now we are reaping the benefits of taking time being wise.


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