Success Stories: 2007

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This lady's profile had no photo

Thank you for helping me find the love of my life. My username was seeking one, and I have found my ONE.
Within one month of looking for a person within reasonable traveling distance, I said "hello" to someone in Loma Linda. This lady's profile had no photo, so I was talking to someone for 6 weeks without knowing what she looked like. As time went on, we quickly moved from emails to telephone calls. One, then two, then three hour calls found me falling in love with this mystery girl. Our longest call was seven hours. She sent me a picture before we met, it was already too late. I was in love; I didn't care what she looked like. When I took the pictures from the envelope with no return address, I said "Jackpot!". I later thanked her for NOT putting her picture on the site. She would have hundred if not thousands of men intoxicated with her beauty. Now she has to put up with only one "drunk".
We met in the middle of December. By New Year's Eve I wanted to propose. I held off because I wanted her to take me more seriously. We married on April 22, 2007. We went to Italy for a two week honeymoon. We are a blended family, and I have never been happier. I can see now, how God has been grooming us through the years, through our experiences, to most appreciate this blessed Gift of God. In less than six months my life changed, turned around . I have always treasured the book of JOB, I never expected to be living it. Thank you so much for bringing us together, even though we were in each other's backyard all along.
now Dennis and Florence


We had been longing and praying

Me (niceskinnygirl) and Flip (his id in ASC) just join this site for few weeks (less than 1 month) when we first start chat on feb 7, 2005. Thats how everything started, just from the simple hello from me and GOD brought us together. I believe GOD already prepared him for me and me for him. Coz we had been longing and praying to meet our lifetime partner.
Flip was ready to leave his life and family in US and find a job here in Indonesia. Finally we get married on January 7, 2007. Now we are expecting our first baby that will born in November 2007.
Thanks GOD for allowing me to meet the king of my heart here through ASC. Thank you ASC!!!

niceskinnygirl & Flip

I am blessed God brought him to me.

This is a sucess story

I met Larry "Juggler" on ASC and he was always right by my side. We have been been through a tough life in the past and it seemed that bits and pieces of that lingered in our life in ways that keeps two people apart. I loved him so much. Larry was always helping me, holding my hand, and he said he'd would never leave me for anybody else and he didn't. He was truly my "helpmate." God gave him a special "sense" about me and he was here to love me.

I read this in a bible that Larry had given to me just last night (The live recovery bible), let me first tell you Larry "Juggler" died just a few days ago in a motorcycle accident coming to see me and I have been read:

It is difficult to get beyond the physical loss of a loved one, especially when it's someone we have greatly admired. The trauma of such a loss, however, can be minimized through our faith in God. We can know that our loved ones are in God's hands if they trusted their life to God through Jesus Christ. We, too are in God's hands as we follow his program for recovery. When we lose someone close. God has not abandoned us - rather, he is there ready to comfort us with his love and compassion. Recognizing this positive reality can help us go on with our life until God grants us a heavenly promotion of our own. We all recognize the warping impact a dysfunctional hero can have on us. But we should also realize that a godly mentor can make a significant positive impact.

I appreciate all your prayers in the past couple of years and I will miss him so much and I am so sure that he is the reason I was on this site and in everything he did for me while he was here with me these things are still touching and impacting my life. I want to say we have lost a beautiful christain man and I am not sure how I can walk in my "mentors" shoes, but I will trust God knows.

Larry always said....

Keep following Jesus he knows the way! I asked a friend "do you think he was following Jesus when he was coming here to see me" ...Larry always followed Jesus - with that I find comfort.

I keep in mind what what God brings together is a success story, though he has departed before me I met him here and I am blessed God brought him to me.

Marta (gigli)

gigli & Juggler

A happy man

When I first registered here I didn't believe that this website could help at all. Months passed by and when I was losing hope I met a beautiful vivid girl here. We started communicating and now after 8 months we love each other more and more. I visted her, we met and now she is going to visit me. We are very happy to have seen how God helped us. There was only one thing we had to do: We put everything into his hand and waited upon Him to act. Dear Reader, we wish you all the happiness that God created every human being for. It is good to trust in Him.
A happy man :)

Her story:
I was very sceptical when I joined ASC, I thought I would meet some nice people and gain some friends, and I did. Then I got an email from the most unlikely place - half way across the world! I wasn't too interested to begin with because of the distance between us, but the Lord really spoke to both our hearts and we believe the Lord has brought us together. I was not on the website for long when I met the love of my life, which came as a shock the way it happened so quickly, but I truly believe its meant to be. I am so greatful because he is perfect for me and I am perfect for him, we both love the Lord and have so much in common. For those of you just joining the website - it really does work. God Bless on your journey to find your soulmate... and egyedp... I love you with all my heart ;-)

egyedp & Casacolours

Our families have been blessed by ASC

Hi, I'm soladio and my soon to be husband is goodfriend. We will be getting married in Oklahoma in September or Rhode Island in October. My daughter was married in February and found her husband on ASC and now I have found a blessed man of god too. We will update more at a later time. Thanks for your help. p.s. goodfriend's mother has found someone also and is planning to be married too. She also found her godly man on here. So our families have been blessed by ASC so much. Praise God for your Christian srevice. eugenia (salidao)

Solidao & goodfriend

Unforgetable moments

I have met a God fearing and loving lady through your site. We are in our first stages of dating and have found many good and similar qualities. We are working on some day soon to become a blessed couple and share many more unforgetable moments. God bless


All things are possible

Walkintherain and I (pandasister) met through your site and just wanted to say thank you for bringing us together. God has blessed us in wonderful ways that we never imagined were possible, but with God, all things are possible! My soulmate and I plan to marry in August.

pandasister & Walkintherain

Blessing our marriage

THIS site is a really testimonial to me. I cannot go away from it. Every time I open it, my face is filled with joy. This is where I met my wife Nqanqa. We met in 2004 and I proposed in 2005. We got married in South Africa in 2006; it was a wonderful weeding and my wife was stunning in her weeding dress. Thanks good peope and many thanks to God. I hope that God will keep on blessing our marriage. We now have a baby girl.

Nqanqa and Nku


So much love

In February 2006 I was IMed for the first time by the one I'm going to be marrying at the end of this year. I want to thank Adventist Singles for its existence and for making it possible for me to meet the man that brought so much love, growth and tenderness into my life. If it had not been for Adventist Singles, I'm sure it would have been virtually :-) impossible for us to have met.
Thank God for allowing different ways for people to meet!


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