Success Stories: 2007

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Forever thankful

I would like to thank God above and the staff at ASC for having this wonderful site for adventist to meet one another. I have met the girl of my dreams and I couldn't be happier. We met for the first time about three weeks ago and we hit it off from the beginning. I whole heartily believe that the Lord used ASC to bring Katie into my life and I'm forever thankful.

Again thank you ASC for having and maintaining this site and may our Lord continue to bless your work.


Heykel and Katie


100% match

We each had been praying for God to lead the right person to us. Linda was doing a search on the Adventist Singles site for a man within her age group. My profile caught her interest and she sent me a smile. I responded to her smile with mail. We set up a time to chat on IM.

With mail, cards, IM, and phone calls, we've been in constant communication since we met. Neither one of us could have imagined that God would bring someone into our lives who had so much in common and was so compatible, including our desire for music ministry.

We scheduled a personal visit and have had several visits since. Linda lives near Dallas, TX and I live in Neligh, NE. We live approximately 700 miles from each other and would never have met if it wasn't for Adventist Singles Connection.

We have decided to spend the rest of our lives together and are planning to get married this May.

God truly knew what He was doing when He brought us together, and we've been letting Him lead us ever since.
Thank you, again.

Allan & Linda

Allan234110 & Lcouch

A future together

I've been divorced for 6-1/2 years and have been very careful and selective with whom I date. I have not had a girlfriend, only a few dates. I've always had doubts about everyone. I finally broke down and decided to use this site to see if God would use it to help me. I first IM'd Mirelys when after about 2 months on the website I saw she was logged in, when I did she just happeded to be reading my profile at the time. I don't believe it was a coincidence. We IM'd for a few day and then began speaking to each other on the telephone, everyday, for 3 months. I'm in Florida, I took a trip to where she lived in Puerto Rico. I met her family and fell in love with her. I have no doubts about her and believe God was at work here. She has everything that I have desired in a woman and God has provided for me. I believe and know we have a future together which is why I'm canceling my membership and praising the God of the universe. Thank you God, Mirelys, and Adventist Singles Connection

Cannon & Mirelys

I love her very much!

My name is Tony! Username is Toneapple! I would like to post a success story about a wonderful lady; we are madly in love with each other! Monique and I have been chatting for quite some time long distance with each other! And ever since, our relationship has grown more and more stronger each day! I am very happy to say that we are very much in Love with each other.

We started chatting around Aug of 2006 and finally met in Feb 2007 for the first time and really enjoyed each other very much! I would like to thank God almighty above for bringing us to this wonderful site and meeting each other! Monique is a very special person to me! I have never had a wonderful woman who was so gentle sweet and very warm hearted as Monique! I love her very much! Thank you Adventist singles connection! and God bless you!

Tony & Monique


A wonderful plan for us

Hi I have been a member for about three years now, and it wasn't long befor I meet the the most wonderful Lady from the Phillipines.
When I met her I was doubtful that we would ever meet, well as time went on and our friendship grew it became evident that God was at work in both our lives. And so after three year of sending cards and letters, e-mailing each other, talking on the phone, we set a date to meet. After spending time together and doing alot of praying we felt sure that the Lord had wonderful plan for the two of us.
So I proposed to her and she excepted. We will be getting married when she and her son arrives here in the US.
I just want to think Adventist Singles for being a way for wonderful Adventist Christians to have a way to meet. But above all I give God the credit bringing the two of us together through this site



Hello, Good day. I met a man at this site. Since I became a member of the ASC, we have nice communications through e-mails and telephone calls. We have regular contact with each other. He always phoned me and I always phoned him. We met in California in person January of this year and we are good friends. He is sweet to me and I am sweet to him. He is a very NICE and WONDERFUL man for me as a friend. And he said that I AM a very special lady for him as a friend too. We have a very wonderful time together in different places, when we met personally in California. And both of us are thankful to the Lord, that we have a nice friendship, and we both hope that we are ...FOREVER FRIENDS.....Both of us are very much happy...Love2 & Harry...



Tony and I started chatting on this website in Aug 2006 and are delighted to say that we finally met this month Feb 2007 and are in love!!! We want to thank God first and then thank this website for bringing us together!! We are a distant apart but with God's Blessing we will be together one day in the near future!! We love each other very much!! Tony has made such a difference in my life!!! Tony living in CA and me living in St.Maarten in the Caribben it is only through this websit that we share our love!!! Thanks Again!

Monique & Tony!!!


Hand to hand

Warren and I would like to thank you for the opportunity we had to meet here at your site, we got married on January 14 2007, after few months of writing each other.

We would like to write something that would encourage our brothers and sisters on the site. We are very happy, and thankful to our Lord first and you for carry on with this wonderful Ministry. May our Lord Bless you and protect your Site with His Angels. May many other couples find their way hand to hand because of your Ministry.
We love you and thank you with all our hearts.

I Jesus Love.

Warren & Isabel.

***Updated 8/22/08***
We will always be grateful for you all, for that interest you have in helping lonely, some times hurting people, giving them the opportunity to meet and become what we are, a very happy couple.

January 14th will be our second Anniversary. Our lives have changed completely, for we have become one. We have found the Ministry we can do together and although it is challenging some times, it is fulfilling.

Warren is a wonderful man, a man of God, seeking to be closer to our Lord all the time. We have had no trouble in understanding each other, we are embracing one same thing and it is the Love for our Lord and our Message. We are very grateful for the personality (colors) test we had when we joined the site. We realize that it helped us to find the right one.

We are currently Foster parenting in the State of Oklahoma. One of the beautiful things we share is the concern and love for suffering children. Right now, we have 2 babies only, Annie 6 months and Horatio 4 months. We ask for your prayers so we may be able to adopt both of them. We have had Annie from birth and Horatio at 21 days old. We love them and want to give them a Christian home helping them to grow for our Saviour's Glory.
It is with gratitude in my heart to our Lord for His unconditional love that I write this, thanking Him first for giving us the opportunity to find each other and to have a life full of meaning, full of understanding, and full of the love of God in our daily life. That is what I most wanted and prayed for, having a True heart Seventh Day Adventist husband, loving companion and friend, sharing every thing we are and we have. There is not a regret in my heart for any thing that I may have to surrender to achieve this togetherness in our lives.

Thank you again for your kind and loving help. May our Lord bless you richly. And to all of our friends on the site...a word of encouragement... there is someone waiting for you. Carefully look, think, and pray. Our beautiful father wants His children to be happy and have peace in their hearts, to be fulfilled in life with that special person.

In the Love of our Father.

Warren and Isabel

Godlysincere & WarrenTK


Every journey begins with but a single step ... Ours began with a simple "Hello" . SUCCESS is truely the story for my wife and I, through the Lords guidane and this terrific website!

Thank you A.S.C.

Standard & Loffyjam

Standard & Loffyjam

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