A happy man

When I first registered here I didn't believe that this website could help at all. Months passed by and when I was losing hope I met a beautiful vivid girl here. We started communicating and now after 8 months we love each other more and more. I visted her, we met and now she is going to visit me. We are very happy to have seen how God helped us. There was only one thing we had to do: We put everything into his hand and waited upon Him to act. Dear Reader, we wish you all the happiness that God created every human being for. It is good to trust in Him.
A happy man :)

Her story:
I was very sceptical when I joined ASC, I thought I would meet some nice people and gain some friends, and I did. Then I got an email from the most unlikely place - half way across the world! I wasn't too interested to begin with because of the distance between us, but the Lord really spoke to both our hearts and we believe the Lord has brought us together. I was not on the website for long when I met the love of my life, which came as a shock the way it happened so quickly, but I truly believe its meant to be. I am so greatful because he is perfect for me and I am perfect for him, we both love the Lord and have so much in common. For those of you just joining the website - it really does work. God Bless on your journey to find your soulmate... and egyedp... I love you with all my heart ;-)

egyedp & Casacolours

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