A wonderful plan for us

Hi I have been a member for about three years now, and it wasn't long befor I meet the the most wonderful Lady from the Phillipines.
When I met her I was doubtful that we would ever meet, well as time went on and our friendship grew it became evident that God was at work in both our lives. And so after three year of sending cards and letters, e-mailing each other, talking on the phone, we set a date to meet. After spending time together and doing alot of praying we felt sure that the Lord had wonderful plan for the two of us.
So I proposed to her and she excepted. We will be getting married when she and her son arrives here in the US.
I just want to think Adventist Singles for being a way for wonderful Adventist Christians to have a way to meet. But above all I give God the credit bringing the two of us together through this site


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