We met at ASC last May this year. We sent smiles, cards, E-mails, letters through the post, telephone calls 4 times a day for two hours everyday since the month of May. Alice is from England, (United Kingdom) and I am from Corning, (northern part of California). Last October 25th, we met in San Diego and both of us liked and loved each other and we decided to spend the rest of our lives together and only yesterday November 2lst we got married in Chico Adventist Church in l877 HOOKER OAK Ave. CHICO, CA, USA. All members of my family likes and loved Alice so much. I PRAYED to GOD that he would send somebody into my life , as my lifetime partner and GOD is GOOD, WONDERFUL, and thank you LORD, I GOT AN ANSWER TO MY PRAYER...I got ALICE now in my life.

metrolsi & Love2

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