I knew she was the "one" as soon as I saw her!

This is Pastor B(Brian) and Christy76(Christine). I was on this website off and on for about 4 years and she had just gotten on for a week after being off of the site for 4yrs and then we met. We were online for about a week, exchanged numbers, kept in touch over the phone, and got to know one another very well. After 3 months I went to visit her and my family.........I knew she was the "one" as soon as I saw her! After about 3 hours while driving, I asked her to Marry me. She was taken aback a bit, but nevertheless she too knew. That week, the next Sabbath we were Married. Praise God and all glory to Him! We are now living in Catalina Island and have a home Church. We'd like to open up our Home for any Brothers and Sister(a Couple) that would like to take a 3 or 4 Day Vacation getting to know one another in a Beautiful and Romantic place. It will be in a place were neither will be tempted to do anything before being Wed, yet if it's meant to be, we will provide the right living conditions and the Scenery to make it happen. We also want to encourage all that are on this Website to keep going and to not give up. Whether your future Help-mete be on here or not, our God wants us to seek out His provisions and Blessings that He has for us all who desire to love Him by our Sacrifice of Obedience. May our God Almighty Bless you all here at ASC in knowing that your labor is not in vain in Him. Thank you' all so much for your love by the giving of your time to make it happen for your fellow Brethren in the Faith. In our Precious Jesus, Brian and Christy

pastorb & Christy76

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