I love her very much!

My name is Tony! Username is Toneapple! I would like to post a success story about a wonderful lady; we are madly in love with each other! Monique and I have been chatting for quite some time long distance with each other! And ever since, our relationship has grown more and more stronger each day! I am very happy to say that we are very much in Love with each other.

We started chatting around Aug of 2006 and finally met in Feb 2007 for the first time and really enjoyed each other very much! I would like to thank God almighty above for bringing us to this wonderful site and meeting each other! Monique is a very special person to me! I have never had a wonderful woman who was so gentle sweet and very warm hearted as Monique! I love her very much! Thank you Adventist singles connection! and God bless you!

Tony & Monique


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