Instant personality click

Thank you Adventist Singles connection for providing a service for people to meet quality partners on the internet. We met last February when I (Aridesantsoul) had signed on to terminate my sevice after 6 months of no success. I met Keejneth that night and it was an instant personality click from the first conversation. We communicated on the computer for a month, switched over to the telephone and met in May of 2006. The hardest thing about living 3000 miles apart was not being able to see each other on a regular basis. We flew back and forth every 1 and half months, and now we are in the same town, same State almost a year from when we first met. We want to encourage those of you who are searching for someone special to go into it with prayer. We both had times when we wanted to give up, but God worked things out in his time.
Aridesantsoul & Keejenth

AridesantSoul & Keejenth

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