Married Easter Sunday

I would like to thank ASC for making it possible for Zaida and I to meet.
I met a few people here who were very close to what I was looking for, but something always caused things to stop, I am sorry if those people felt or feel hurt.
After talking to Zaida on the phone the first time, I knew that she was the right person, so I flew halfway around the world to the Philippines to meet her, we had a wonderful two weeks together there and decided to make plans to have a home together.
So we started the Fiancee' visa process, and after one year of filing papers and having interviews, she was allowed to come here.
We were married on Easter Sunday 2007 in a wonderful wedding ceremony.
A big thank you and am glad to have met you to all our friends on the message board, and thank you ASC for making all this possible.
It is a wonderful service to us all that ASC offers.
Dan and Zaida
Easter 2007

Galahad & Zaida

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