Natural connection

I have to admit, the saying "Mother knows best" has proved itself where ASC is concerned. In 2004, after much convincing from her, I finally decided to give internet dating a try. I had just moved to Florida to start my nursing career and knew very few people. So meeting other Adventists on the internet filled a void for me. I have made some terrific friends on this site. Not only did I enjoy the conversation, but reading different perspectives on the message board was stimulating for me because we are all from such diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Finally, in January 2005 (the day after I paid for my membership after much consideration), I received a smile from the most handsome man. I looked his profile over and saw that he particularly liked to cook. Well, enough said...I sent a smile back. After three months of progressing from smiles, to e-mails, to instant messaging, then webcam, and, whew!!!! telephone calls, we finally decided to meet in person. It was easy for me because Greg had moved away from Orlando six months before I moved there. Fortunately, there were many people who knew him and gave him great references. One of the nurses I worked with had a son in Greg's class, and she said, "If there's something there, Pamela, he'd be a relationship worth nurturing."

The first time I saw him was at the Orlando airport. I don't know how many men came around the corner where I was waiting for him. "No, that's not him. He said an orange plaid shirt and khaki pants." I couldn't believe how nervous I was as I waited to see this man I'd become so fond of. Finally, "he" came around the corner and it was all so clear as we met each other's gaze. Those eyes still mesmerize me and fill me with a feeling of peace, love, and excitement all in one. We had a wonderful time continuing to know each other. We ate at his favorite Japanese restaurant which he had missed for so long.

Well, it's been two years ago this month and there's been a lot of changes. I moved to Madison, WI so that I could continue to get to know him better. He's been a huge source of strength for me and I love him with all my heart. God has blessed me with the dream job of my life, and I have found a church body that I think will be a huge spiritual blessing. I can't wait to see what God has in store for me, him, and us. Truly, he's compassionate, sensitive, loving, patient, forgiving, fun-loving - all of that and handsome...and I almost forgot...a fantastic chef. Mom was also correct when she said, "Be patient, Pamela, you'll just know when the right one comes along."Right again, Mom."

We both want to thank Christie for making this such a wonderful place for Adventist singles to find and meet other wonderful Adventist singles. It is a web site we have both encouraged friends to join and give it a "shot!"


His story:

After a long time of wondering if there was really a "someone for me" out there a friend of mine suggested I try out an Internet dating site and showed me ASC. I reluctantly opened a profile and then didn't take a look at the site for a month or two. Needless to say I was rather skeptical about the whole process.

One Friday night I decided to take a look so I logged in and just started looking at pictures and reading profiles. There was some interesting faces and then I came to one that had the most beautiful sweet smile, kind eyes, and wonderful red hair! I read her profile and thought she was too good to be true. I decided I would send a smile and see if she would respond. I honestly didn't expect a response. The next morning I had a smile in my folder and it was her! I found myself feeling much like a sixth grader who liked the cute girl sitting across the room and wondering if she might be interested in me as well.

A couple of days later I decided I would send an email so, again feeling much like a grade schooler sending a note across the room

"Do you like me? Mark yes or no and give it back before science class."

My first email wasn't even that long, I simply asked if she would like to exchange emails. I found myself waiting anxiously for a reply - much more anxiously than I had expected to. Later that day Pamela replied and from that point on the best part of my day was hearing from this wonderful woman - and that is still true to this day.

We shared about our lives, our hopes, and dreams. As we learned more about each other it grew more obvious that this woman was a dream come true. We connected in so many ways sharing interests in travel, music, movies, and food. From email it was long hours chatting in instant messangers, then with web cams, and then I got to hear her voice! She was it! Beautiful, fun, exciting, intellectually challenging, adventurous - the whole nine yards!

The next step was meeting so we made all the arrangements. As I walked from the gate to the lobby area I pulled out my cell phone so I could call her and watch from across the room so I could see who she was. But, as I turned the corner - there she was. I recognized her immediately and my heart lept in my chest. She was more beautiful than I had ever imagined! Our time together was comfortable and there was a natural connection between us that I had longed for in my life for ages.

A year ago Pamela moved to Madison where I live and it has been a wonderful year of growing closer and enjoying experiencing life together. My plan is that Pamela will become more than my best friend, but become the woman by my side for the rest of our days. I love you Pamela.



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