Never would have expected...

Your site was just the tool God used to bring me together with my current husband!

After dating other guys from non-Adventist sites I had had enough and told God I would only consider Adventists and would take my name off other non-Adventist sites. That same day, September 2006, I received a "card" from a wonderful man from his site.

Come to find out we had so much in common and only lived about 3 hours from each other! We started dating and were married on Christmas Eve, Dec. 26, 2006.

As I am writing this, May 6, 2007, I never would have expected to meet my husband on the internet, but God is good - all the time!!! He brought two people together who really needed each other and fulfilled each other's needs and wants.

I feel like I've found my best friend and my husband says that he's found me - the one he's said he's looked for his whole life.

So if there are those reading this and thinking it will never happen to them, then take courage - pray about it and God may just answer you in a way that you never expected.

God is the ultimate match-maker!! I know that He hears prayers of single men and women because I was once one of them and now am married to my husband.

Thank-you Adventist Singles Connection! I never would have found Rick had it not been for you!

Rick and Regina

***Updated 7/28/08***
How time flies! Rick and I continue to share a loving relationship. We are happily married and we owe it all to God and Adventist Singles Connection! THANK YOU SO MUCH! We have now moved to the country with 4 acres, a wonderful house,
and a very nice work shop for Rick!

We added "Penny" since being married. She is a Rat/Jack Russell Terrier. She is a sweetie and keeps us very busy! She loves living in the country now where she can run and play!

Life is so much better since we found each other. It feels like we've just begun our lives. We are very much in love and again want to express our
deepest "THANKS" to your website.

Thank you so much and God bless!!!

Rick and Gina
rick63 and sunshineonme

SunshineOnMe & Rick63

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