Our pasts are so alike

Hmm I'm not sure exactly what to say...I am Melissa and the man I met here was willneverbeloved. I had always thought dating sites were really stupid. I only signed up out of desperation because I hated being single. I logged on, after a while of being away, just to see if anything caught my eye. I saw a new feature on the main page, where you could type in a keyword to search for. Now I am big on cuddling, and I would've been really happy to find someone the same way, so that's what I typed into the box. When the page first loaded, "willneverbeloved"'s (here on out Aaron) was the first profile to pop up....the first thing that caught my attention was his picture, cause he was different, and that's always the type I have been interested in. The next thing that caught my attention was his opening sentence. I felt sympathy, so I went in and read his profile. It was amazing....our pasts are so alike, after I read about him, I was just amazed at how alike we were, how much we thought alike. I knew I wanted to try to contact him, so I clicked the little plus sign saying you thought you would click. He logged in, not thinking anything would ever come of his profile, and when he saw that I had said we would click, he went and looked at my profile, and decided he had to contact me, since we had such similar past relationships. We found ways to talk back and forth until we managed to talk on messenger. It was so strange at first, we were both scared but excited....we got attached to each other so fast, it actually worried him! Well the first night we just talked, and the next day, August 1st, 2007, he asked me how I felt about long distance relationships, and we ended up together...it was amazing....we talked everyday for hours on messenger, until he got the courage to call (free long distance for him) we found that we are so much alike, we think so much alike its crazy lol.....it wasn't long before we realized we were in love. After a couple weeks, my messenger messed up, and he got scared enough from not knowing what was going wrong that he called me, and we got it straightened out, and we have talked on the phone every day since then....I have heard from everyone in his family except his mother as of now....we are planning on getting married in 2 or 3 years...I am going to visit him early next year, hopefully around Valentine's Day, then move near him for good....its hurting us already to have to be apart....it'll be a dream for both of us to finally be together...he thinks I will fit in well with his family. Its just amazing. It's like I told him...it's ironic that I met my soulmate through an online dating site, since I have always thought they were the stupidest thing (although he's the opposite on that). I hold them in a different light now!

breakingbenjamin_tomboy & willneverbeloved

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