This lady's profile had no photo

Thank you for helping me find the love of my life. My username was seeking one, and I have found my ONE.
Within one month of looking for a person within reasonable traveling distance, I said "hello" to someone in Loma Linda. This lady's profile had no photo, so I was talking to someone for 6 weeks without knowing what she looked like. As time went on, we quickly moved from emails to telephone calls. One, then two, then three hour calls found me falling in love with this mystery girl. Our longest call was seven hours. She sent me a picture before we met, it was already too late. I was in love; I didn't care what she looked like. When I took the pictures from the envelope with no return address, I said "Jackpot!". I later thanked her for NOT putting her picture on the site. She would have hundred if not thousands of men intoxicated with her beauty. Now she has to put up with only one "drunk".
We met in the middle of December. By New Year's Eve I wanted to propose. I held off because I wanted her to take me more seriously. We married on April 22, 2007. We went to Italy for a two week honeymoon. We are a blended family, and I have never been happier. I can see now, how God has been grooming us through the years, through our experiences, to most appreciate this blessed Gift of God. In less than six months my life changed, turned around . I have always treasured the book of JOB, I never expected to be living it. Thank you so much for bringing us together, even though we were in each other's backyard all along.
now Dennis and Florence


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