We believe God had his hand in this!

We Met on ASC, in the first part of December. I wrote him, to be frinds, because I liked the photos of him with his children and grandchildren. I liked his smile and was very nervous since I had never done this before. I thought, if he doesn't write back, oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Well, he wrote back! First a little here and a little there. Then it got a little more often. I think I said "I think we could get to know each other more. If we could talk on the phone." He gave me his number, and it took me a while to call for I hadn't done this in over 50 years. I was a wreck. Can you believe that at 69? I don't know what happened then. It got more serious and Harry said he would like to come meet me. If you think that phone was bad, now I was really a wreck! We finally met! I thought he was very nice. I took him to meet my daughter, then my son and his wife. They invited us to go out to dinner the next night. Well, we did, and he was quite a charmer. He reached over to hold my hand and I thought oh, no! Not in front of my children! SMILE! It went from there to where we are now engaged, to be more than friends. The third time we met we discovered his niece was married to my best friends nephew. We couldn't believe it. He knew some of the family members. It is truly a small world. He is called AUGUSTUS on ASC. Harry is his name. To all that read this it too can happen to you. And we believe God had his hand in this! Pray for us that GOd will continue to guide. Thank you!


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