We found that we had so much in common and have shared simil

This success story will probably show you all how God uses different avenues to bring two people together that share so much of the same things. Yes "Soul Mates". This is a love story from Aaron and JoAnn.

I JoAnn, recently divorced, decided to go on Adventist Singles because I wanted to meet other people that I felt shared the same belief as I did. To just meet new friends and share my experiences of my journey with the Lord. I was skeptical of going on line with any service that seemed like a dating service because I never did it before. This was my first time, I really did not know how to really use this service, and just the time I was ready to end this service, I was checking my emails and low and behold Aaron2000 came on my IM and asked me to talk. I said ok just to chat before deleting my service.

I Aaron, came on Adventist Singles to meet somebody and possibly go on a date. However, I was not familiar with using this type of service. After looking at JoAnn's profile, I decided to IM her to chat. The compatibility of the profiles stated that we were 99%.

When Aaron and I started talking we found that we had so much in common and have shared similar lives likeness. We talked on-line that night for about 5 hours. We really had such a wonderful conversation. What we really were drawn to was how awesome God is and how he loved us so much to always be there for us no matter how hard the situations. What was awesome was when Aaron would talk to me, it seemed like he was talking to my heart. He told me how he was studying and reading material on the "Holy Spirit" and how present the Holy Spirit is in our lives.
We have met each other, (I went to her hometown for Thanksgiving) and now she visited me for the Christmas and New Year Holidays.

From our conversations, which we have everyday sometimes all evening into the wee hours of the morning, and on weekend where we talk all night, we found that the LORD is truly working to bring us together. He over the years looked into our lives, allowed us to have experiences that were not always fruitful, and then he showed his mercy, by bringing us together in a bond - that's because there are matching in nature and experiences, and in most cases the outcome as well. Because we consulted him, and the HOLY SPIRIT purposed in our heart to follow his plan in this matter, he has bought JoAnn and Aaron together for a permanent relationship.

We both have things with the instructions of the HOLY SPIRIT and GOD'S blessing's to work through things he must let come to pass, but we are certain this is the person that will make our mature and golden years "blessed of GOD" with ministries in our talents he gave us - music and singing to the glory of GOD. We will pursue these ministries vigorously to aid in hastening the coming of our savior JESUS CHRIST.

Pray long and well for us and with us that we will first; love the LORD with all of hearts as a team, second; that we will love each other for eternity, third; to obey the FATHER, SON , AND HOLY GHOST


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