Success Stories: 2008

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We are perfect for each other.

Thank you Adventist Singles Connection, for being there. It will be 6 months of marriage on 12/26/08. We are perfect for each other. Euridete and I are very blessed and thankful for everything.

We met on 6/12/08 - Brazilian Valentines Day. After three months of messages, cards, and smiles, I asked Euridete to marry me and on 6/26/08 we married. What a miracle and oh how awesome. We had a big wedding; 60 of her friends were there. We moved to the mountains into the perfect small love cabin; A perfect place to grow together with Jesus and to have all this LOVE. God is so good to me.

Thank you ASC!


Love happened when I least expected it!

Miracles still happen! A church member mentioned to me and that very day I signed up and posted my profile. Within a few weeks, David (Inca4u) sent me a "smile" and the rest is history.

It is such a blessing to discover love so late in life (40s) and it happened when I least expected it! David's first wife of 20+ years had passed away and he thought he might be alone for the rest of his life. Both my parents had passed away and I felt very alone for the first time in my life. However, God saw our hearts and dreamed a bigger dream for each of us than we could imagine for ourselves.

David and I were married October 19, 2008 in a fairytale wedding: outdoors, simple & elegant and with close friends and family present. God is so merciful and loving. Thank you to for providing the vehicle that changed the course of our lives.

blueeyedfunlovingwalker & Inca4u

He could not be anything less than a "God thing".

I just wanted to tell you that I am very grateful for your site. I was not very sure of on line dating sites and I have met some great and not so great people here. It is what it is, but without this forum, I would not have connected with my ideal match! Benrus could not be anything less than a "God thing," that Has happened for me, and when it just falls right into place, and the person is all that you have asked God for, and more, you just have to believe it's a "God thing!"
So this is just a little thank you to all who play a part in this service. We have both agreed to continue to leave our profiles up with mention of our "connection" for other hopefuls, as we have found this to be a safe and secure forum for meeting people. And one day, God willing, we will be added to your long list of successful connections.

All the best,


HeatherMae & Benrus

Our relationship grows deeper with each passing day.

Adventist Singles matched us at 100%. We talked each night via the web site's chat mode, after a week, we exchanged phone numbers. We continued to talk by chat, email, and phone. After a month, we met in person, and on day 2, I realized this was the man God intended for me and my kids to spend the rest of this life with. Our relationship grows deeper with each passing day. Thank you for providing an avenue for God to lead couples together.


Distance did not stop us from getting to know each other.

I am writing to just say "Thank You" because I finally found the man that God spared for me to spend the rest of my life with through this website. His name is Matthew and we met in person May of 2007. He is from Ontario, Canada and I am from Chicago, Illinois, but distance did not stop us from getting to know each other. We fell in love and we finally decided to get married last May 18, 2008. I am currently 24 weeks pregnant and we will be blessed with a baby girl according to the ultrasound!

It was a great blessing for me and my husband to be a member of ASC...MORE POWER and GOD BLESS YOU MORE!

Matt and Jing


We're now living happily ever after.

I met my husband on this website in October of 2005. We talked on and off for almost 2 years before God showed us both that He had saved us for each other. In August of 2008, we got married, and we're now living happily ever after. God is a great God, and He has really outdone Himself here. Trust in God and be submissive to His will. He always has your best interest in mind.


I have waited for him and he waited for me.

For the last two years I was searching on the Internet, not always having a response from someone I had hoped would respond. Then I had a response from a gentleman who had faithfully tried to stay in his marriage, but it just was not to be. I have waited for him and he waited for me. The good Lord blesses each and every one of us.


I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

I thank the lord for granting me the opportunity of joining adventist singles, and meeting the love of my life, Sky. Sky is a beautiful person inside and out. In spite the fact I have known her for a short time, I felt a special love for her from the moment I met her, we just clicked. In the interim I have dated sda and non sda. In spite the fact they were good individuals, we just did not click. With Sky, it was totally different. Everyday my feelings for her grow and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.


We couldn't have done a better job in choosing the right one

Gary (Greatscot) and I (girlnextdoor62) met last spring on ASC. Right away I knew there was something different about this man. We continued to write and talk on the phone for several months. Needless to say, the phone bills were pretty large with all the talking we were (and still are) doing. We both had been praying that God would bring the right person to our lives. This time we were going to let Him pick for us. We can truly say that He is a wonderful God. Neither one of us could have done a better job in choosing the right person. With each day, we grow closer to Him and to each other. Gary likes to say that the only thing he had to argue with God was the "distance thing", but he came to accept it. In his words, "I would keep being shown more additional positive traits and I finally had to admit the distance was really not important". So on September 19, 2008, he popped the question. What a romantic he was! Roses, chocolates, and a beautiful ring (to match his heart). We are planning a spring wedding! Thank-you God and ASC for bringing us together!!!


Gary and Tami

girlnextdoor62 & Greatscot

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