Success Stories: 2008

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It is as if we were always a part of each other’s lives.

I am finally writing our Story. After having been on ASC and other Adventist Singles sites for several years, I had still not found that right person. I had originally joined these sites not with any real intention of finding someone, but rather for finding SDA friends where I was living. I had come back to the faith after having been living some time in the world. The Lord blessed me with many friends here and other places. Some I seen go on to meet and marry their special someone. I would delete my profile and then after months I would come back to see who was new and curious as to just maybe I might meet someone. Well last year I had deleted my account around February of 2007. Then this last September I decided to move from where I was living in California to where my mom was living in Oregon. I had two choices: move to Arizona or to Oregon. After much prayer and thought, I chose Oregon. Part of that thought was getting back online checking out local churches for what kind of young adults lived around those towns. Including reactivating my account on this site and checking out the young adult population from this angle. I had no intention of looking for a prospect, I was looking for friends. It seemed from my research and prayer that Oregon was the best choice. So with that, I made my decision. Not two days after, I had put the wheels into action for the move. I received a profile from djharvey. I looked at his profile and thought, "what is this guy sending me his profile for, he is nice looking and seems like someone that would be a great match spiritually, life style wise and so on". I waited a couple days before I emailed him back. Honestly, I was afraid to.
Then one night while sitting at my computer staring at his profile, I was arguing with God about responding to him. I was scared because I did not want to get rejected, but after all he had sent me his profile.
I felt the Lord telling me to let go and let him work here and to trust him. So I said OK! Don’t be so serious about this, just have fun, it will be an adventure. If it does not work out, oh well, I will have made another friend I am sure. So with a new attitude about the whole thing, I wrote to him. A couple cards and emails later, we started instant messaging, chatting, and then phone calls. I moved to Oregon at the end of November. On December 7th, he drove from College Place, Washington to meet me and spent the weekend with my Mother and I. Just after Christmas, I drove the nine hours to College Place and spent a week and a half with him and his parents and his two children. On January 1st, he asked me to marry him. I said yes of course. It has been kind of a whirlwind, but it is as if we were always a part of each other’s lives.
We had crazy connections of friends and family throughout our lives. For example, His grandmother in Montana used to baby-sit my cousins from the side of my family that is not even SDA. The list goes on. God directed me here; I knew that, but to what end I had no clue. Dan and I feel so very blessed. He is my perfect match and my man after God’s own heart. Thank you for your site and the work that you do. Dan and I will be married June 8th 2008 in California with some of our friends attending the wedding that I met from this very site. Thanks again!

eveningsong & djharvey

***Updated 6/18/08***
Dan and I were married June 8th in Healdsburg, California. We spent our Honeymoon making our way from California to our home in Washington. Thank you again for your site and all that you do. God brought us together using this site. What a blessing it has been to our lives! Keep up the good work and God bless!

eveningsong & djharvey

eveningsong & djharvey

We believe that God used ASC to bring two soulmates together

Greetings all,

I have no idea how to write a success story for the rest of you other than to say that I met my wife here on ASC for the first time on January 13, 2006. We had both been members of the site for a couple of months prior to running into each other and actually neither of us were on each other’s match lists until after we had been a couple for several months. However, I digress.
Everyone here knows (or should know by now) that most of us guys are usually initially caught by a pretty face...I am no different! Shanna’s picture caught my attention and I had to stop by for a look at her profile. I was hooked! She had such a smart, engaging personality that came through her essays so clearly that I had to send her an email and see if she was really all she appeared to be. She was/is, and then some! We exchanged emails, smiles, cards, and everything else ASC had to offer. ASC saved those for us which was a blessing since, as the months went by, we’d built up quite a stack of correspondences! These formed the foundation of a relationship built to last and we realized after the fact that they were truly treasures of the very beginning of our relationship and a lot of fun to re-read. We both believe that God used ASC to bring two soul mates together, and from worlds away! She is from Barbados and I am from Washington State. We were married January 7, 2008. Thanks ASC!

Ryan & Shanna Bradford (monkey_skills & deshan)

monkey_skills77 & deshan

Constantly we see the hand of God leading us.

In November of 2006, I joined ASC for a social outlet. (I work afternoons/evenings and my social life is very limited.) I found the message boards lots of fun and I talked with many interesting people.
In March of 2007, I received a short email from ddunk52 and the rest is history. We are planning to be married in May of this year. Constantly we see the hand of God leading us. It is so wonderful to be in a relationship that God has brought together.
We highly recommend ASC to all single SDA. What a great place to meet and talk with those of like faith and many have been through the same experiences so there is a lot of understanding too.
What a blessing! Thanks again.

Bluebell and Ddunk

Bluebell53 & ddunk52

We knew we were made for each other.

We met online around a year ago and when we met we knew we were made for each other. I love him so much...he is my joy, my motivation, my love. He proposed to me this New Year and I truly thank God for having met him and taking a chance on Adventist Single's Connection!


God was leading us to get to know each other.

We met here at ASC and began to email each other. Then we communicated by Yahoo messenger and also talked on the telephone often. I felt that God was leading us to get to know each other. We have visited each other in person and made the time to talk and share. We have found that we have similarities that help in a relationship. We both love our LORD, Jesus Christ, and find our faith to be the foundation of our friendship. It is good for others who are looking to not give up, but to try getting to know others and pray that God will lead them in the right direction in order to do his will. We are happy that we could meet on this site. Thank you very much for your service. Praise the LORD!

-Sean Facchinello

HappySam & Nayana

We could not live without each other.

We both joined the site unreservedly as we liked the traditional approach of meeting someone face to face. She resided at the time in Jamaica (Medical Technologist) and I resided in Turks & Caicos Islands (Mathematics Teacher). However, God had a plan for our lives. We both loved things of nature, variety of cuisines (especially vegetarian based) and also exploring the Word of God. After the initial IM on March 2006, the conversation and friendship blossomed with exchange of emails and numbers. We both sent each other encouraging words, smiles, and jokes on and off the site. July of that same year we met for the first time in Montego Bay, Jamaica with a warm embrace that sparked a deeper relationship. We became extremely deep friends and we then realized that we could not live without each other.
Each holiday I would go to Jamaica and spend a wonderful and enjoyable time with her especially by the seaside (we both love the splashing waves with the sun setting in the background).
The love between us escalated and we eventually prayed about our future together, which included a "date" for the following year. We got married at the Mount Salem Seventh Day Adventist Church, Montego Bay, December 16, 2007. We are currently residing in Bermuda where she is a Medical Technoligist and I am a Mathematics Teacher. God continues to be a central focus of our lives as the love He provided for us yesterday will last today and forever.


D. Rhule...But ... God rules better!

ivingbyfaith and d2heart

We are very happy together.

I am from Latvia. I came to America in December of 2001. I lived in Walla Walla, WA. He lives in Moses Lake, WA. We met each other in June of 2007. We knew each other only 4 months and got married on November 4th of 2007. We are very happy together. Thank you very much Adventist Singles Connection. Good luck to everybody else. Now we live together in Moses Lake, WA.

Gary & Ludmila Blazek

ludmilaab & sledman

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