He could not be anything less than a "God thing".

I just wanted to tell you that I am very grateful for your site. I was not very sure of on line dating sites and I have met some great and not so great people here. It is what it is, but without this forum, I would not have connected with my ideal match! Benrus could not be anything less than a "God thing," that Has happened for me, and when it just falls right into place, and the person is all that you have asked God for, and more, you just have to believe it's a "God thing!"
So this is just a little thank you to all who play a part in this service. We have both agreed to continue to leave our profiles up with mention of our "connection" for other hopefuls, as we have found this to be a safe and secure forum for meeting people. And one day, God willing, we will be added to your long list of successful connections.

All the best,


HeatherMae & Benrus

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