Our friendship sprouted the seeds of love...

Her Story:
God works in amazing ways and I'd just like to share this story to encourage others seeking that special person just made for them.

To begin this story, I joined this site on the 1st of July of 2008 to keep a promise to one of my "extended" brothers. He and quite a few of my friends had asked me to join this site as I am very fond of traveling and meeting new people from all over the world. My brother had met the love of his life on this site and he said that even if I didn't meet that special someone that God intended for me here, he felt sure that I would make some great Adventist friends on ASC.

Well, in keeping my promise to him, yes, I did make new friends here and most unexpectedly, have been greatly blessed by God to have met the love of my life as well! I didn't join the site expecting anything more than just networking with fellow Adventists and making new friends. However, God obviously had other plans in store.

About 2 weeks after joining this site in July, Mino was online and I said "Hi" intending nothing more than just that. The chat was amazing because we found out that we had past childhood experiences that were from the same place.

After that first chat, we didn't see each other online until about a month later. That's when the chatting grew so comfortable that phone numbers were exchanged and the bud of friendship grew by leaps and bounds.

Without either of us realizing it, that friendship sprouted the seeds of love in an incredibly short space of time, but we didn't really understand it until one night, about 2 months after our first "Hello", I asked Mino why was our conversations hours long and that ending the conversations always took about an hour or more!

Suffice to say that by the end of that particular conversation on the 16th of September in 2008, we realized and understood that love had grown and that God had blessed us to be best friends first before us realizing that we had grown in love too!

God's timing is always perfect. "Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart." (Psalms 37:4) As you read this story, I encourage you to keep the faith, and yes, God will answer even when you least expect to find love in your life! For some of us, this means in a fairly short period of time, but for those that are still looking, don't loose hope ... God knows exactly when to reveal the right person for you at the right time in your life!

God bless you always in all that you do and may He guide you as you meet fellow Adventists on this site.


His Story:
About six months ago after careful prayer, I joined ASC with the intent to find the right mate that God had set aside for me. To make a long story short...only three women from the many hits and smiles and IM's and e-mails survived the six month subscription test I asked God for. After carefully considering my options and praying some more, I decided to take all three profiles to my mother for advice. After careful review, she stated "son, God has given you the answer, but you apparently are too blind to see it." I asked her to tell me who she thought was the answer? She said "Diane". I told her that I would ask God for a sign to prove to me that Diane was the right one for me. I told my mother that if Diane tells me she loves me first, that will be my sign. Considering that as friends, Diane stated "I have never told a man nor will I ever tell a man that I love him before he tells me first." Less than twenty-four hours later, she calls me and tells me that she loves me. Well, you can figure out the rest... who am I to disobey Gods will. I tested God and God came through. The secret is that we did not fall in love, but grew in love through the roots of our friendship and later best friends. The future is becoming history as God leads us on life's journey. I thank God for this ultimate adventure and would like to thank ASC for being a tool in Gods plan for us.


NewExplorer & Maxz

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