Our relationship has grown so much stronger...

Well, I saw him here in December of '07 and we started talking for a while, but maintained friendship, for I live in Puerto Rico and he lives in Florida. It was a bit of a rough start, but we were interested. The thing is that we kept chatting until like February and then we started talking on the phone for like a month or so, but then he lost my number and I understood that he didn't want to talk anymore because he forgot to ask for it again. Time passed and we emailed each other occasionally until the end of July when we began chatting again. In July, we cleared up what had happened and its that I was supposed to send him my number and so on. We kinda closed the book on that topic, hahaha. Well, by August 17th, we started talking on the phone and hit it off way better and came to the conclusion that God doesn't place someone in your life twice especially in our circumstances and the distance between us. Well, for situations in life, he wasn't able to travel, so I traveled to Florida to visit my grandmother and he came to where I was and met me for the first time and it was like feeling alive; The funniest feeling ever. We felt a connection and he came to my church and met my grandmother and other relatives that were there. On the night before I left, he proposed because he knew that God had provided what he was asking him for and vice versa. We haven't stopped talking since and our relationship, and more importantly friendship, has grown so much stronger. God willing - we will be married in June of 2009 after my college graduation and I will be moving to Florida. We pray to God every day and give Him so much thanks because He knows who, when, and how life is going to work out for each and every one of us. I thank God because He blessed me with such a beautiful person. Pray for us and if you're in search of that special someone, put it in God's hands, it will work out for your good and the other person as well. Remember, no one can love you more than God. Keep that in mind. His love is greater and should always maintain first place, then all other things will be added to your life. God bless!

R.Belisse & J.Carlos


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