We are very much in love...

His Story:
Malayanchick (Rachel) and I started corresponding May 3, 2007 as pen pals when I was in Iraq. In mid June of 2007, we decided that we would concentrate on our relationship and try to get to know each other. In November of 2007, we met for the first time and everything seemed to fall in place after instant messaging, emails, and phone calls all those months. We were engaged on November 7, 2007. On March 16, 2007, we both flew to Malaysia to attend her sister's wedding and our official engagement ceremony with the local Kuching SDA church with her family and friends as our witnesses.

We are very much in love and we are eagerly waiting for a 2008 Summer/Fall wedding in San Diego. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful mate. By being patient, he has answered my/our prayers. God has been with us every step of the way and he continues to be our focal point in our relationship.

Thank you ASC! This site has helped us come together and we are both truly blessed.

Her Story:
When God blesses you, he does not bless you in halves, but he blesses you with all that you have patiently prayed and waited for. And believe me, God truly knows the true desires of our heart. David (hmdoc) has been a true blessing from day one when we met on ASC in early May of 2007. Months of exchanging emails, phone calls, and chatting while he was posted in Iraq, grew into a love that is rooted and guided by God. Amidst the distance, we managed to meet up in America, England, and Malaysia and had the most wonderful time together with family and friends. David proved to be a God fearing, compassionate, loving, kind, sincere, honest, caring, giving,..... and the list goes on :). David showed me what true love is and thus we committed to each other and are waiting to be married in San Diego in the Summer/Fall of 2008. For those who are still waiting, please continue praying and believe that when God provides you with your spouse, he/she would be the best match blessed by our heavenly father. The waiting may be long and frustrating, but just continue serving God and those around you and when the right time comes, the waiting is worth it. God bless you all.

Hmdoc & Malayanchick

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