We believe that God used ASC to bring two soulmates together

Greetings all,

I have no idea how to write a success story for the rest of you other than to say that I met my wife here on ASC for the first time on January 13, 2006. We had both been members of the site for a couple of months prior to running into each other and actually neither of us were on each other’s match lists until after we had been a couple for several months. However, I digress.
Everyone here knows (or should know by now) that most of us guys are usually initially caught by a pretty face...I am no different! Shanna’s picture caught my attention and I had to stop by for a look at her profile. I was hooked! She had such a smart, engaging personality that came through her essays so clearly that I had to send her an email and see if she was really all she appeared to be. She was/is, and then some! We exchanged emails, smiles, cards, and everything else ASC had to offer. ASC saved those for us which was a blessing since, as the months went by, we’d built up quite a stack of correspondences! These formed the foundation of a relationship built to last and we realized after the fact that they were truly treasures of the very beginning of our relationship and a lot of fun to re-read. We both believe that God used ASC to bring two soul mates together, and from worlds away! She is from Barbados and I am from Washington State. We were married January 7, 2008. Thanks ASC!

Ryan & Shanna Bradford (monkey_skills & deshan)

monkey_skills77 & deshan

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