We could not live without each other.

We both joined the site unreservedly as we liked the traditional approach of meeting someone face to face. She resided at the time in Jamaica (Medical Technologist) and I resided in Turks & Caicos Islands (Mathematics Teacher). However, God had a plan for our lives. We both loved things of nature, variety of cuisines (especially vegetarian based) and also exploring the Word of God. After the initial IM on March 2006, the conversation and friendship blossomed with exchange of emails and numbers. We both sent each other encouraging words, smiles, and jokes on and off the site. July of that same year we met for the first time in Montego Bay, Jamaica with a warm embrace that sparked a deeper relationship. We became extremely deep friends and we then realized that we could not live without each other.
Each holiday I would go to Jamaica and spend a wonderful and enjoyable time with her especially by the seaside (we both love the splashing waves with the sun setting in the background).
The love between us escalated and we eventually prayed about our future together, which included a "date" for the following year. We got married at the Mount Salem Seventh Day Adventist Church, Montego Bay, December 16, 2007. We are currently residing in Bermuda where she is a Medical Technoligist and I am a Mathematics Teacher. God continues to be a central focus of our lives as the love He provided for us yesterday will last today and forever.


D. Rhule...But ... God rules better!

ivingbyfaith and d2heart

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