We couldn't have done a better job in choosing the right one

Gary (Greatscot) and I (girlnextdoor62) met last spring on ASC. Right away I knew there was something different about this man. We continued to write and talk on the phone for several months. Needless to say, the phone bills were pretty large with all the talking we were (and still are) doing. We both had been praying that God would bring the right person to our lives. This time we were going to let Him pick for us. We can truly say that He is a wonderful God. Neither one of us could have done a better job in choosing the right person. With each day, we grow closer to Him and to each other. Gary likes to say that the only thing he had to argue with God was the "distance thing", but he came to accept it. In his words, "I would keep being shown more additional positive traits and I finally had to admit the distance was really not important". So on September 19, 2008, he popped the question. What a romantic he was! Roses, chocolates, and a beautiful ring (to match his heart). We are planning a spring wedding! Thank-you God and ASC for bringing us together!!!


Gary and Tami

girlnextdoor62 & Greatscot

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