We hit it off right away and have continued to enjoy dating.

I rarely get out to meet people and my church is very small. ASC provided access to many people. I was so surprised and tickled by how many hits I received and the new friends I was able to meet on-line. Neal and I met a little over a month ago on ASC. I think we exchanged smiles and then he initiated a chatting session with me that we both enjoyed. We then had a couple of conversations by phone before we met. He was local for me and our first meeting was at a church function. We hit it off right away and have continued to enjoy dating one another. He has been so respectful and reserved and has worked with me to define boundaries for our relationship so that we conduct ourselves in the right way. He pleasantly surprised me when he offered to meet my parents on a trip he had already scheduled to go to their city. I have always wanted a man to initiate and legitimize our relationship by getting my parent's approval. He spoke with them for about three hours. My parents are favorable to us exclusively dating now in a courtship. Thank you, ASC, for helping my new boyfriend and I get connected.

***Updated 9/12/09***
Adventist Singles gave me an opportunity to speak to a variety of people, make friends, and finally meet the one with whom I would later choose to spend the rest of my life. My husband and I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to your service. We met on Adventist Singles on April 20, 2008. Since we were local, we were able to meet in person several days later and consequently took our relationship off-line. We recently married on August 23, 2009. And it all started with a "smile." Thank you so much, and God bless your ministry!

inoele & wegoodwin

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