Success Stories: 2009

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We are both so excited about the plans God still has for us.

Just before my membership lapsed, I met Dennis (dfeather) on ASC and we continued talking on the phone after my membership was up. Our Friendship has continued to grow into something incredibly wonderful.

God is so good! He knew were the right one for each other and he has rewarded our faithfulness with our hearts' desire. It all happened in is HIS time and not ours. Dennis wasn't even a "match" that you provided for me. I met him when I IM'd him while he was already on line. I only discovered him when I checked to see who was online. He answered after we both checked out each others profile & photos. We found that we have most everything in common and that there are just the right amount of differences that make it interesting.

I have just returned home from visiting him in AZ and he proposed to me at the Grand Canyon. I said yes!

We are planning an AZ wedding in 2010 and I will be moving there. We are both so excited about the plans God still has for us and our deep & abiding love for each other is growing ever stronger as time goes by.

Thank you for the service you provide and it truly has been successful for both Dennis & me.



debjcraig2002 & dfeather

We've waited a long time for the right person...

I (Bekah J) just wanted to thank you for your website. I never dreamed I would actually meet the man (hart36) God has for me here, but I have and we are planning our wedding for April 11th. I'm 35 and he is 36 and this is the first marriage for both of us. We've waited a long time for the right person, but it was worth the wait. God's timing is so much better than our own. So to all those who are still searching, don't give up, God is still working in your life and theirs too to bring you together at the perfect time. God Bless you all.

BekahJ & hart36

I finally met the person that I prayed to God for.

Thanks for this web page. I finally met the person that I prayed to God for. I knew that I would meet the person to mach the joy for Jesus. Thank God. The man I met on this site is the best person I have ever met in my life.

Thank you and God bless you!


I did meet a very special man...

When I went on this site, I prayed and asked the Lord if it were his will to lead me to meet a special man, a Godly man. I did meet a very special man that is continuously trying to have a closer walk with the Lord. He's very kind, and caring. We're in the process of getting to know each other and continue to pray for the Lord's guidance.


We both knew God had brought us together

Thank you Adventist Singles Connection for helping me meet the love of my life. On my 27th birthday in August of 2007, a friend predicted that it would be the "best year ever", the previous had been really rough leaving me wondering what God had in store for me next. Little did I know what surprises He had in store around the corner. The first week in September trinfo's profile caught my eye, so I sent him a smile. Thankfully he responded positively! A friendship was made as we corresponded for the next 4 months via smiles, emails and phone calls. We met on December 7th in person. He flew to Vancouver, WA from San Jose, CA. That spring we decided to date, although we had been exclusive for a while. After doing long distance for a year, he felt God calling him to Berrien Springs, MI and moved in September of 2008. We prayed about it a lot and both knew God had brought us together so I moved in December of 2008. We have had a wonderful year of finally being in the same area and getting to know each other etter...which is, among many other reasons, why I said "yes" when he proposed on my birthday this year! The wedding date is set for this December the 20th.
Thank you again for the wonderful job you do on your site. It is very user friendly and we frequently recommend it.

Many blessings!

Sandi(sdanurse) and Elliot(trinfo)

trinfo & sdanurse

We believe we were brought together through guidance...

Thank you very much for the opportunity to be members of the ASC and here we found each other.

Jim and Selma became friends in 2006 and are now happy because we just got married on October 18, 2009 in Yuba City, CA, at Seventh Day Adventist Church. We believe we were brought together through guidance of the Holly Spirit.

God Bless you all for the wonderful job you've been doing to join us and others.


Selma and Jim


Life is great!

It all started late one night (Jan 14, 2007) when I accepted a request for an instant message chat. Oh my! I had NOOOOOOO clue where that would be taking me. Some how, I don't think he did either. Walker (aka Stewart) and I chatted on ASC for several hours that night. That led to nearly daily chats. After about 3 months, we left ASC and found other chatting options, plus e-mail and the occasional phone call. 13 months later, he traveled from New Zealand to Arizona for 3 weeks so we could spend time together. Those were the shortest 3 weeks of our lives! About 3 months later, in a late night phone call, Stewart did what I had previously thought no man would ever do. He asked me to marry him! I said yes. A few months later we started to look in to immigration options as we lived in different countries. That was much more involved than I expected, but it all worked out just fine. Stewart arrived in the US in early September. Then just two weeks ago, we married! Thank you God and thank you ASC for bringing us together.

Life is great!

Jeanne925 and Stewart

Jeanne925 & Walker

Ask, and it shall be given; seek and you shall find...

Ask, and it shall be given; seek and you shall find.... Well, I had been doing all of that for a very long time and nothing...until the week my subscription expired. I had already disabled the automatic (annual) renewal tab. I had decided to fast and pray every Wednesday for the month. I had done all I could humanly do to find love. I was online to tell Christy of ASC thank you for nothing. I was disappointed and a little sarcastic about the matter. But while I was online checking my emails --- I decided to check who was online and there he was ---- I didn't want to IM him, but I thought to myself it's now or never -- I have everything to gain and nothing to lose. So I hit the IM button and waited patiently for him to answer. Later a response came back. When I went to my inbox to email my "Thank you for nothing", I noticed a smile from Dawkl. All it said was what's up? Now...he's flying me to Tennessee to see how things roll there. I will keep you posted. Thank you Christy -- but most of all thank you, Lord!


jaglady & Dawkl

God has truly blessed us in getting to know each other.

Brian and I met here and we love that this site has brought us together. God has truly blessed us in getting to know each other. He came to meet me in the USVI and we had a wonderful 3 months together. Now we are getting married this December. It has taken 3 years to come to this place, but it was worth every second. Thank you ASC. You've done a great job.


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