Success Stories: 2009

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I was his very best friend.

David and I met almost 4 years ago. Since I was unavailable at the time, he kept checking back to see if things would change...just in case. When he saw that I was available, he made his move. It wasn't long before we were talking every day and getting to know each other. He was very thoughtful and romantic. For instance, one weekend he flew me down to Miami and surprised me with tickets to the Miami Dolphins' game. Every so often he would send me flowers just to let me know he was thinking of me. He would take me to concerts and plays and to the beaches of Miami. Unfortunately, we broke up for about six months. Those were the months I missed him the most. Then one day, he called and said he needed to see me. He came to Tampa and over the course of the weekend, he told me that he could not live without me in his life since I was his very best friend. We are making plans to have an August wedding. You just never know what can happen when you keep checking...just in case!



We're hopeful & optimistic that we are meant to be together.

Well, we will see where it goes... Let's just say we both were very discerning and had both put it in the Lord's hands. In what 3 years, I've only gone out with 1 guy on this site and... it is him! Slow and steady wins the race. And, we are going slow and steady, but very hopeful and optimistic that we are meant to be together...that we have the Lord's blessing. SMILE!!!!


I have met the woman of my dreams...

I have met the woman of my dreams and we got married 2 weeks ago. All I can say is keep the faith and if God has some one for you, you will find them. A huge thanks to the fine people who administrate this site.

Larry and Melody


He is the man I have been looking for ALL my life.

Ken makes me laugh, Ken makes me think, and Ken makes me feel complete. Ken is the man I have been looking for ALL my life. When I saw the picture of that handsome Texan standing under the pine tree, my world turned upside down. Adventist Singles Connection gave me the avenue to meet a Godly man of my own faith.


My prayers were answered...

How we met and how we fell in LOVE with other:

To start with, let me quote just two verses from the Bible.First is, Poverbs 3:6 and it says, In all YOUR WAYS acknowledge HIM and HE will direct your Path. And God directed me to your site. Mark 11:24 says, Therefore whatsoever things you desire when you pray, BELIEVE that you RECEIVE them and YOU shall HAVE them. Before I enrolled at Adventist Singles Connections, I PRAYED that "God will give me that SPECIAL person in HIS own way". True enough, I started searching for profiles and SOLITARYMAN caught my attention. On February 3,2009, I sent him a smile, he replied and said "I like your smile, it is sweet, true and sincere". From there, we started emailing and calling each other. On March 29th, he proposed his love for me and asked me to marry him. I agreed. We saw Pastor DAVIS, had marriage counseling, and our wedding is set on the 9th of May 2009.

Thanks to Adventist Singles Connection and above all, I thank the LORD for answering my prayers.

Your's in Christ,

Bill & Carmen

Dimple7 & Solitaryman

We were both surprised at how well we grew together.

Her Story:
Thank you so very much for the opportunity to meet and marry my sweetheart through your service!
This shows that through prayer first and then the
providence of Adventists Singles Connection, we found each other!

After I sent a smile, we were emailing and then
talking...a lot! My heart melted and we were both very happy and surprised at how well and quickly we grew together. We started in November and are
getting married on May 24, 2009!

Thank you again for the wonderful chance you
provided for us to meet.


His Story:
I've met the apple of my other eye! (see intro) She is very wonderful and we have many things in common and many new things to experience together. After talking to each other via Adventist Dating Website's protocols, we emailed and then called each other....a lot! We finally met for the first time!!! It was wonderful meeting her, her family, and Church Family too! We are very much looking forward to spending our lives with each other! God bless you and thank you for your well thought out web service.


dlorenzo & geophil

I never thought I would find someone that matched me so well

I have been on here for three years and I have finally met the most wonderful Girl!!! I never ever thought I would find someone that matched me so well!! We have so much in common and we clicked together right away, and without ASC and God's help, I don't think I would ever have been able to meet her!!! I thank God for bringing such a sweetheart into my life!!! =>


I found someone who I am just crazy about.

How do I thank you all. Because of this site, God has seen fit to find someone who I am just crazy about and I did nothing, but send a smile. I was about to give up, wondered if Jesus really had someone for me. Well brothers and sisters, HE did and does for you, this I believe. I'll leave you with this wonderful saying I love, "let go and let GOD bless each and every one of you". Thank you one and all and most of all, thank God who makes all this possible.



I have found someone special to share my life with.

I went on this site to find someone special to share my life with. I put God in charge as I wanted Him to be my guide. He placed before me a loving, wonderful, and kind man who had the qualities I desired without having displayed them in my profile. I believe that God our master of the universe will guide and bless us as He has done so for me in finding my special one. All we need to do is place God at the controls.
Thanks to all who have put this site together so that we have a means of helping to find that special person.


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