Success Stories: 2009

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She is my one and only.

I met this wonderful Christian lady who blessed me with her smile, her compassion, her friendship and her love. I could not have asked for a better friend, companion or team mate. She is one of a kindest, best of the best, my one and only.


This relationship has definitely a good feel about it.

I met a very special, godly, funny, intelligent, loving and committed man. He didn't have a picture as he wanted to keep his privacy, but I replied and it never stopped since! We have just started a relationship and are quite happy. This relationship has definitely a good feel about it. God has been good again...!


We found ourselves making plans for the future.

John (Lonely) and I (Katsback) met a year ago here on this site. I had seen his profile and sent him a smile because of what he had written. It really impressed me, his commitment to his sons. He noticed something I had posted on the message boards and wrote to me. That started a wonderful friendship. We emailed each other for several months and then the opportunity came for us to meet. Both of us went into that weekend and first meeting with no expectations except that of making another good friend, but soon after we found ourselves making plans for the future. John proposed to me the Monday after Thanksgiving, after we both had a chance to meet each others families and see how we both interacted with them. The next few months were pretty crazy trying to plan a wedding long distance, but we managed to do that and we were married on March 7th, 2009. I am so very thankful to God for bringing us together and by God's grace we will grow together in this marriage and become stronger together everyday. The one thing that I would impress upon anyone here looking for that special someone, become good friends first. That is so important. If you don't have that good friendship first, the rest is very hard to hold on to. Mutual respect, values, ideals, and beliefs are very important in a relationship. I hope and pray that those searching for that special someone find their love like John and I have, together.

Katsback & Lonely

We are totally in love with each other...


I was assisting a friend in completing his profile on ASC, and out of curiosity, decided I would sign up as well, as this could be fun. However, after posting my profile, I had an inner feeling that this could be more than just fun, as I had a desire to find love and a meaningful relationship. So of course, I prayed about it, and God must have answered my prayers even before I asked!

Incidentally, the first person to have made contact with me was GCP22, by sending a smile and expressing his interest. Although I said I wouldn't respond to anyone who had no profile picture, for some reason I did reply to his smile. We sent smiles, cards, IMs, emails and virtually spoke with each other by phone every day for more than 2 months before we met face to face. He was easy-going, warm and honest, and when we finally met...we were completely comfortable in each others presence.

From the onset I found out that he was a member of the same church my brother and his family are also members of, and was able to confirm his identity among other things. But it was those first conversations and the fact that his open, accepting demeanor and sense of humor could shine through IMs and telephone conversations, that made it obvious he must be the one for me.

Of course, I met a few friends (and maybe foes) on ASC, but GCP22 stole my heart. We are totally in love with each other, and have maintained a long-distance relationship, spending time together as often as we can, and have recently become engaged. Our wedding will be in July of 2009.

We feel very blessed, and must say thanks to ASC for the wonderful site you have provided for SDA singles, and may God continue to bless your endeavors. To our friends who are still on ASC, be blessed!!

Love always!

Sandi and Glen
Sands1 and GCP22

***Updated 8/23/09***
Just wanna say THANK YOU, ASC for the wonderful ministry you are doing. May God continue to bless your endeavors as you provide this valuable medium for Adventist singles to connect, and join together in holy matrimony in many cases.

This is actually an update!! To God be the glory; Glen and I got married on July 4, 2009 and are enjoying and appreciating the fact that Jehovah has brought us together at this time of our lives. Our union is an absolute blessing!!!

Thanks again, and best wishes to those who are still searching for that special someone!


sands1 & GCP22

I never thought it was possible to meet a spouse this way...

Thank you for connecting people from around the world. I joined the website just trying to connect with people, but never thought it was possible to meet a spouse this way...anyway, we are married now and expecting our baby girl in June. I am praying for all of you out there! Please pray for my bundle of joy- I want her to be a happy and healthy girl and love our Savior, Jesus.

God bless,



I've found the right kind of guy...

My name user name is Leona1, I met ANiceGuy last year in February of 2008. We IMed each other for about two months, and then we exchanged telephone numbers. We started talking to each other over the phone on my birthday, which was in April. We have been talking since then over the phone. I think I found the right kind of guy I have been waiting for all my life. We have been dating each other for a year now, I'm hoping to meet him in the US in July of this year for the very first time. I'm from the United Kingdom, which is a very long distance. I came to find this website by chance, and it has worked effectively for me. I hope that God's willing will be well with us.

Never give up on your dreams. I pray that God will continue to bless Adventist Singles Connection in helping single people find love.



Leona1 & ANiceGuy

I would have never imagined I'd find the love of my life.

I would have never imagined I would have found the love of my life, Justin, who is also an Adventist as we found our connection by establishing friendship. Our friendship then developed into love by the help of God. We are continuing to get to know one another. After knowing one another for a week, he asked me to be in a relationship with him. We have now been together for 2 weeks. I want to thank God and Adventist Singles Connection for being the medians for both of us to have establishing this relationship so well.

God Bless Always :)


God is good...

We met in person a couple weeks after we started talking on ASC and now we are engaged. We are focusing our every decision on God 1st in our lives. God is good and he will be if you let him lead in your life in his time!!!


We both see it as nothing short of a miracle!

I would like to let you know that I got married Jan 1st, 2009 to Nathan (natel123) 99% match from Adventist Singles!!!!

We had been living just over 2 minutes from one another for the last 19 years. We exchanged a few emails, seemed silly to not talk on the phone, so we did and from the word go...we both knew that we were perfect for one another. Not just the things in the profile matched, or proximity, but we are a perfect match in so many other areas. It was as if God had brought us together and we both see it as nothing short of a miracle!

I want you to know that we are both incredibly happy and thank God for bringing us to one another. I want to thank you all for this service. In this day and age nobody has the time or inclination to run around looking for a partner...there are only so many options at church. We had been going to different churches in Loma Linda all this time, so our paths never crossed.

Thank you all and God bless you in this much needed service.


MarieAnn & Natel123

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