Success Stories: 2009

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We were an answer to each others prayers.

I met crash62 within four days of joining your website. We hit it off like no one I have ever met. We had both been praying for something specific and felt we were an answer to each others prayers. We both feel richly blessed. AWM762

AWM762 & crash62

God brought the woman of my dreams into my life...

God brought the woman of my dreams into my life shortly after joining the website in June 2008. Her user name was MaryDaubar. We chatted for awhile online, then met and having been dating ever since. God is good.


God answered my prayer.

I've been a member for a long time and I have been praying for God to bless me with a special woman to be my wife and to bring peace to my heart. My fiance, who lives in Ecuador, was only a member for 1 month. Her last name, Paz, means peace in Spanish. God answered my prayer. We started writing in May of 2008. We wrote for a few months then began calling each other on the phone. We decided to meet in San Andres, Colombia in November of 2008. I came from Canada and she from Ecuador. We had a fantastic time from the moment we met. My fiance is a very spiritual woman and she planned a special ceremony for our first meeting. She had brought oil, wine and bread for a solemn and sacred foot washing ceremony. So that our first meeting could be dedicated to God, she had placed candles in her hotel room, creating a romantic and peaceful environment. We washed each others feet and we prayed for God to bless our meeting. I asked her to marry me in the rain, beside a beautiful palm tree in the hotel courtyard. It was pouring rain, we were completely soaked, but it was an incredibly romantic moment, and neither of us will look at rain the same again. She accepted my proposal with our first kiss. We are to be married in February of 2009, in Ecuador with the blessing of our God, in order to be together in this life and in Eternity.

Stephkol & Roxpaoly

She perhaps fills even more than I dared dream.

To all those beautiful ladies that have approached me with smiles and cards and who have graciously received the same from me, some of whom have spoken with me by phone, thank you. You have, each one, enriched my life in some way. I now must say that this site has woven it's web about me and I am in deep and meaningful communications with a beautiful Christian lady who seems to fulfill most, if not all my dreams or, perhaps, even more than I dared dream. Time will tell and I'm sure that God will lead. Please wish us well, pray for us and we will see what god has in store for us. Bless you all in your individual search for a meaningful relationship.
UPDATE! UPDATE! We Met in LA on August 7th, returned together to Perth, Western Australia on September 3rd, and Carol returned to the US on September 23rd. We are to be married and live in Arizona when immigration formalities for me are completed, hopefully later this year. I have been blessed beyond measure by God leading me to this wonderful lady. I pray that each and every one of the members of this blessed site will receive their hearts desire.


Everything that I hoped for I have found...

I want to thank Adventist Singles, after being on this site for three months I found my better half... With the grace of God I did make a Adventist connection. We maybe 4k miles apart, but we are making it work.. Our traveling expense has increase, but when you know that you have found that right person who is priceless, money doesn't become a factor.. Everything that I hoped for I have found in my Adventist Connection. We spent a wonderful holiday season together and at this time next week I will be in London celebrating her birthday with her and meeting her mother. I want to encourage all the singles on this web-site that with prayer and letting God lead, you will find that right person; the person that will meet every expectation. Always let God lead and you will be glad.. I want to say that Adventist Singles, I give you guys 2 thumbs up.. My better half and I plan to, if it is God's will, to be getting married in 5/10.... Please keep us in your prayers... God bless...


We feel very blessed to have ‘found’ each other.

I saw 'Minnesotan' on the free preview of ASC. I asked my MN native neighbor if he knew who that was. He said 'oh, if you get her, you've really got something. That is’ (and he told me her name). I then realized that I knew of her in college (Union College), but did not know her personally. I did remember enough about her to know that she was really a quality person. So I joined ASC to use it as a venue in which to make contact. My memory served me right...she is a very nice person. And we know tons of people in common having attended Union at the same time. We have been dating know for 6+ months and feel very blessed to have ‘found’ each other.



tvgiii & Minnesotan

I could not be more happier...

Dan and I met here on ASC. He was from Australia and I in the US. He came to visit and then he just never left! He got job, a car, a house, and then proposed! I could not be more happier and it's all thanks to you for bringing us together! Thank you ASC!


We have fallen quite hard for each other!

Tom and I met on ASC. There was definite interest right from the start, but as we continued to chat and email back and forth, the interest grew deeper and deeper. After 3 weeks of this, we decided to meet and 1 week after that, I picked him up from the airport. We both agree that things couldn't have gone any better for our first time meeting and have fallen quite hard for each other! Thank you so much for the service you provide! Without it none of this would have been possible.


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