God answered my prayer.

I've been a member for a long time and I have been praying for God to bless me with a special woman to be my wife and to bring peace to my heart. My fiance, who lives in Ecuador, was only a member for 1 month. Her last name, Paz, means peace in Spanish. God answered my prayer. We started writing in May of 2008. We wrote for a few months then began calling each other on the phone. We decided to meet in San Andres, Colombia in November of 2008. I came from Canada and she from Ecuador. We had a fantastic time from the moment we met. My fiance is a very spiritual woman and she planned a special ceremony for our first meeting. She had brought oil, wine and bread for a solemn and sacred foot washing ceremony. So that our first meeting could be dedicated to God, she had placed candles in her hotel room, creating a romantic and peaceful environment. We washed each others feet and we prayed for God to bless our meeting. I asked her to marry me in the rain, beside a beautiful palm tree in the hotel courtyard. It was pouring rain, we were completely soaked, but it was an incredibly romantic moment, and neither of us will look at rain the same again. She accepted my proposal with our first kiss. We are to be married in February of 2009, in Ecuador with the blessing of our God, in order to be together in this life and in Eternity.

Stephkol & Roxpaoly

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